Thursday, November 30, 2006

5th anniversary show! : november 30

ladytron - high rise (club mix) - extended play
the lovemakers - shake that ass - times of romance
q and not u - wonderful people - power
the rapture - sister savior - echoes
spoon - i turn my camera on - gimme fiction (by request!)
anna oxygen - ponytails - all your faded things
**the blow - true affection - paper television
**hot chip - over and over (maurice fulton remix) - remixes and rarities
radio 4 - enemies like this - enemies like this remixes
mates of state - fraud in the 80s - bring it back
chicks on speed - glamour girl - the unreleases (by request!)
**the knife - we share our mother's health (radio edit) - we share our mother's health

sounds of the week:
the faint - how could i forget - wet from birth
ratatat - lex - classics
trail of dead - will you smile again? - worlds apart

the make up - intro/hold it - destination:love
the make up - here comes the judge - destination:love
**tokyo police club - nature of the experiment - a lesson in crime
the thermals - how we know - fuckin a
**the horrors - sheena is a parasite - the horrors
adult. - glue your eyelids together - anxiety always
**mstrkrft - bodywork - us against the world
**new young pony club - get dancey - fabriclive.29 cut copy
death from above 1979 - romantic rights (phones lovers remix) - romance bloody romance
lcd soundsystem - losing my edge - dfa compilation #1

Saturday, November 25, 2006

dialed in vs. the sound session

keith subbed this week, and here is the playlist. he played my favorite tullycraft song! check out his show, dialed in, on sunday afternoons from 2pm-4pm.

listed as band : song

the calculators : inside
8-bit weapon : arcade (remastered)
the aquarium : white house
lync : angelfood fodder and vitamins
jay retard : blood visionsl
es savy fav : raging in the plague age
wipers : messenger
data panik : minimum wage
wire : dot dash
delorean : as time goes by
printed circuit : semi-finals
betamax format : the knife
xiu xiu : hello from eau claire
little teeth : sideways
fun boy 3 : our lips are sealed
the dulocks : gonna follow your star trail
tullycraft : pop songs your new boyfriend is too stupid to know about
the awsesomes : teamwork hi-5 awesome
chromatics : program (2006 demo)
crystal castles : air war
air miami : world cup fever
the blow : brushy brushy
the carrots : secret since '99
april march : cet air la
final fantasy : if i were a carp
au revoir simone : golden
soccer team : lobster season
the redcoats are coming! : crown heights
tree wave : sleep

Thursday, November 16, 2006

playlist : november 16

**casper and the cookies - neo dada heyday - the optimist's club
**joanna newsom - sawdust and diamond - ys
**the evens - get even - get evens
**the scenic vermont - elementary - suicide squeeze: slaying since 1996
**the aislers set - what fades first (demo) - suicide squeeze: slaying since 1996
**the hot springs - pink money - dans la marge
**el perro del mar - god knows (you gotta give to get) - el perro del mar (by request!)
**the horrors - death at the chapel - the horrors
**cars and trains - broken streetlamp serenade - 2am
**mirah - the light (hooliganship "the lyte ship" remix) - joyride: remixes
**heavens - leave - patent pending
**partyline - no romatic - zombie terrorist
**the fucking ocean - literary test - le main rouge
**child bite - from the eighteen hundreds - wild feast
**cake on cake - francoise - i guess i was dreaming

sounds of the week:
**midnight movies - patient eye (edit) - patient eye ep
**hot chip - boy from school (hot chip rework) - remixes and rarities
mates of state - goods (all in your head) - all day ep
**and you will know us by the trail of dead - naked sun - so divided
cat power - the greatest - the greatest

stephanie's picks:
say hi to your mom - pop music of the future - numbers and mumbles
**amy millian - pour me up another - honey from the tombs
**azure ray - if you fall - shortbus soundtrack
secret machines - lightning blue eyes - ten silver drops
metric - the police and the private - live it out
**softlightes - heart made of sound - heart made of sound ep
**bon savants - why this could never work between us - post rock defends the nation

keith will be taking over next week, so expect some great indie rock. and tune in on november 30 for the sound session's 5th anniversary show... more details to come!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

vote kuci!

kuci is nominated for 2 plug awards!

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

playlist: november 9

**miho hatori - the spirit of juliet - ecdysis
**the walkmen - loop de loop - pussycats
**the curtains - tornado traveler's fear - calamity
**mixel pixel - coming up x's - music for plants
**hot iqs - duck and cover - dangling modifier
**les robots de la rime - sympathie pour les robots - dans la marge
**pas/cal - the lot we came home with - dear sir
**and you will know us by the trail of dead - wasted state of mind - so divided
**the evens - cut from the cloth - get evens
fugazi - give me the cure - 13 songs
the raveonettes - veronica fever - whip it on
**the knife - we share our mother's health (trentmoller remix) - we share our mother's health
**cake on cake - sea microphone - i guess i was daydreaming
rilo kiley - don't disconnect - take offs and landings
**divine comedy - a lady of a certain age - victory for the comic muse

sounds of the week:
the rapture - sister savior - echoes
**tokyo police club - citizens of tomorrow - a lesson in crime
anathallo - genessaret - filter magazine pssst summer 2006
irving - she's not shy - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
la rocca - this life - filter magazine pssst summer 2006

intern jamie's picks: electro set
lcd soundsystem - give it up - dfa compliation #1
polysics - i my me mine - now is the time!
the faint - glass danse (paul oakenfold remix) - danse macabre remixes
tiga - dj kicks
black dice - cone toaster - dfa compliation #1

Thursday, November 02, 2006

playlist: november 2

**french toast - settle in - ingleside terrace
**heavens - annabelle - patent pending
**toyko police club - if it works - a lesson in crime
ted leo - me and mia - shake the sheets
nomeansno - angel or devil - worldhood of the world (as such)
yo la tengo - autumn sweater - prisoners of love (by request!)
kaizers orchestra - kontroll paa kontinentet - ompa til du dor
**the walkmen - rock around the clock - pussycats
**the horrors - excellent choices - the horrors