Thursday, March 29, 2007

playlist : march 29 : antelope

pinback - concrete seconds - blue screen life
**bang gang - follow - something wrong
**the henry clay people - the gentle charm of the soviette - blacklist the kid with the red moustache
**jarvis cocker - fat children - the jarvis cocker record
**lcd soundsystem - sound of silver - sound of silver

live in studio performace... antelope (dischord records)!

**!!! - break in case of anything - myth takes
**deerhoof - the galaxist - friend opportunity
**cibo matto - sugar water - pom pom: the essential cibo matto
**cibo matto - spoon - pom pom: the essential cibo matto
**dat'r - um! hot! - turn up the ghosts
doves - sky starts falling - some cities
**the twilight sad - walking for two hours - fourteen autumns and fifteen winters
**air - napalm love - pocket symphony
**limbeck - big drag - limbeck
**the willowz - evil son - chautauqua
**the minor canon - bend like trees - no good deed goes unpunished
**maria taylor - small part of me - lynn teeter flower
**mum - the ballad of the broken string - the peel session
metric - empty - live it out

Thursday, March 22, 2007

playlist : march 22

**cyann and ben - words - sweet beliefs
**bang gang - find what you get - something wrong
**the henry clay people - the bandage on the bloodclot - blacklist the kid with the red moustache
american analog set - first of four - set free
**do make say think - a with living - you, you're a history in rust
**low - hatchet - drums and guns
**the willowz - take a look around - chautauqua
minus the bear - let's play guitar in a five guitar band - highly refined pirates
stars - tru - nightsongs
mates of state - i got a feelin' - team boo
**lcd soundsystem - time to get away - sound of silver
**gd luxxe - gift - let's lazertag sometime (tigerbeat6)
**the television personalities - you kept me waiting too long x9 (e*vax ratatat remix) - my dark places remixes

sounds of the week:
calla - astral - televise
heavens - watching you - patent pending
west indian girl - still lost - west indian girl
**midnight movies - golden hair - patient eye ep
lali puna - micronomic (boom bip remix) - micronomic

**air - left bank - pocket symphony
**sybarite - cut out shape - cut out shape
**maria taylor - clean getaway - lynn teeter flower
**jarvis cocker - don't let him waste your time - the jarvis cocker record
**ted leo and the pharmacists - who do you love? - living with the living
q and not u - beautiful beats - power
**antelope - mirroring - reflector
**!!! - a new name - myth takes
**black lips - boomerang - los valientes del mundo nuevo
**klaxons - it's not over yet - myths of the near future
**headman - so disgraceful - on

Thursday, March 15, 2007

playlist : march 15

yo la tengo - mr tough - i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass
the sea and cake - choice blanket - the sea and cake
karate - remain relaxed - some boots
the velvet teen - spin the wink - cum laude
**wolf and cub - this mess - vessels
**ted leo / rx - the sons of cain - living with the living
**genders - apes - let's lazertag sometime (tigerbeat6 comp)
**low - breaker - drums and guns
my bloody valentine - loomer - loveless
manic - in a room on fire - floor boards
unwed sailor - golden cities - the faithful anchor (by request!)
broadcast - before we begin - haha sound
**cyann and ben - let it play - sweet beliefs
**air - space maker - pocket symphony
**air (ft. jarvis cocker) - one hell of a party - pocket symphony

sounds of the week:
the horrors - crawdaddy simone - the horrors
the helio sequence - looks good (but you looked away) - love and distance
sondre lerche - track you down - two way monologue
apples in stereo - strawberryfire - her wallpaper reverie
headlights - songy darko - kill them with kindness
the lovemakers - gonna find - times of romance

**fujiya and miyagi - sucker punch - transparent things
**!!! - heart of hearts - myth takes
**lcd soundsystem - new york i love you but you're bringing me down - sound of silver
heavens - leave - patent pending
**maria taylor - a good start - lynn teeter flower
**mum - scratched bicycle smell memory - the peel session

Monday, March 12, 2007

cd reviews

various artists - let's lazertag sometime (tigerbeat6 records)
something for everyone: really diverse electronic styles! classic tigerbeat6 from kid606 (#6), hard and heavy from phon.0 (#2), soft sounds from white williams(#5), art rock from indian jewelry (#7), new wave/synth from gd luxxe (#12), hamster dance from originial hamster (#15), rock n roll from genders (#17), damaged from ddamage (#18), etc.

fujiya and miyagi - transparent things (deaf dumb and blind)

these guys are from the uk, not japan (track #3 claims they're just pretending to be japanese). for fans of hot chip, junior boys, broadcast and other indie electronic bands. catchy lyrics ("got to get a new pair of shoes to kick it with her, kick it with you!") and enough dancable rhythm to move your feet. try tracks #1, #2, #5, #7, #8.

the minor canon - no good deed goes unpunished (tenderness records)
los angeles based band, they played live on the sound session last year! for fans of old-time/folk/country. favorite songs include #2, #4, #7, #9. they are off to a great start, expect to hear more from these guys in the future.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

playlist : march 8

and here i thought i wasn't going to play any music...

**the minor canon - killing spiders - no good deed goes unpunished
james figurine - all the way to china - mistake x4
**fujiya and miyagi - casettesingle - transparent things
the make up - so... chocolatey / destination: love - live at cold rice!
cat power - could we - the greatest
**do make say think - a tender history in rust - you, you're a history in rust
sonic youth - the empty page - murray street
the faint - some incriminating photographs - media

do make say think live set on sunday from 12pm-2pm.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

live debut of new venus infers ep

blonde redhead - melody of certain three - melody of certain damaged lemons

venus infers live in-studio debut of "...but you already knew that" ep:

sake in osaka
you can't score me at all
the review
(please) don't call me karaoke
save your smile

venus infers live in-studio acoustic song (which was brand new, and i didn't catch the name of it)

enon - grain of assault - lost marbles and exploded evidence
**david vandervelde - nothin no - the moonstation house band (picked by intern nick)
on! air! library! - bread - on! air! library!

sigur ros - refur - saeglopur