Thursday, April 30, 2009

playlist : april 30 : kuci fund drive

thank you
from the bottom of our hearts
for donating to the kuci fund drive!

a retrospective of live @ kuci recordings from '05-'09

slippers - quasimoto coup d'etat (2009)
the western states motel - oh world (2008)
the shape of the earth - what goes on inside your cells (2009)
the minor canon - a false start (2006)
solagget (2005)
paper airplanes - boyhood (2005)
automatic drawing (2008)
sendaero (2006)
teddy's cheer club (2007)
czar rose (2008)
the by and by - with love (2007)
shiloe - lady in the attic (2009)
manic - chemicals for criminals (2007)
venus infers - vanilla is (the absence of chocolate) (2006)
peachcake - are your people ready to shrink continents? (2009)
castaneda (2007)
mothers sons - plastic shaman (2008)
mississippi man (2009)
lemon sun - telephone (2007)
two guns - the straits (2009)
the airborne toxic event - the girls in their summer dress (2007)

Sunday, April 26, 2009

playlist : april 26 : hall of fame show with slippers

hope sandoval and the warm inventions - on the low - sprout soundtrack
stereolab - wow and flutter - mars audiac quintet
irving - jen, nothing matters to me - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
guided by voices - teenage fbi - human amusements at hourly rates (the best of guided by voices)
grandaddy - i'm on standby - sumday
smile - she's acting - masterlocks ep
dismemberment plan - crush (jennifer page cover) - dismemberment plan/juno split
teddy's cheer club - follow the sun - teddy's cheer club ep
broadcast - michael a grammar - tender buttons
tree wave - machines fall apart - cabana ep
robotanists - wait a minute here - close down the woods

slippers live set + interview!!!

the make-up - they live by night - destination love: live! at cold rice
lemon sun - wanna have you - run with the faithless
sonic youth - incinerate - rather ripped
yo la tengo - today is the day - today is the day ep

Thursday, April 23, 2009

playlist : april 23

**doves - 10:03 - kingdom of rust
**valina - dogged - a tempo! a tempo!
**the thermals - i let it go - now we can see
**the coathangers - toomerhead - scramble
**eagle and talon - georgia - thracian
**pj harvey and john parish - leaving california - a woman a man walked by
pretty and nice - tora tora tora - get young
pretty and nice - pixies - get young
**spokes - we like to dance and steal things - people like people like you
**condo fucks - so easy baby - fuckbook
**black lips - body combat - 200 million thousand
**chain and the gang - cemetery map - down with liberty... up with chains!
**jeremy jay - breaking the ice - slow dance
**the veils - three sisters - sun gangs

sounds of the week:
the faint - some incriminating photographs - media
mates of state - a control group - my solo project
the ringers - jaguar moves - headlocks and highkicks

**king khan and the shrines - land of the freak - what is?
**the rippers - into this place - why should i care about you?
the yelling - blood on the steps - the yelling ep
**big whup - can't take my beast from me - big whup
**the bicycles - i'll wait for you - oh no, it's love
**pomegranates - corriander - everybody, come outside!
**superchunk - misfits and mistakes - leaves in the gutter ep
goldcure - i wanna hear it (radio edit) - pretty polly horrowshow ep
**metric - gimme sympathy - fantasies
**the shys - spanish village by the sea - you'll never understand this band the way i do
**asobi seksu - blind little rain - hush
**boo and boo too - i'll be your whore - no tempo
**blank dogs - before the hours - the fields
the knife - we share our mother's health (radio edit) -
we share our mother's health single

congrats to the pretty and nice ticket winners!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

playlist : april 16 : death to anders

peachcake - need room? we have space! - what year will you have the world?
headlights - pity city - kill them with kindness
robotantists - i don't want to know what love is (foreigner cover) - close down the woods
**superchunk - learned to surf - leaves in the gutter ep
the shape of the earth - my defects - they would at least stay busy
white buffalo - story - hoghtied revisited
mississippi man - recorded live on the sound session (jan '09)
will crum - will crum and the blue maroons - self titled
**black lips - old man - 200 million thousand
the ringers - kamikaze heart - headlocks and highkicks
the yelling - long time my love - the yelling ep
**chain and the gang - (lookin for a) cave girl - down with liberty... up with chains!

death to anders live set and interview!

guided by voices - sister i need wine - isolation drills
sonic youth - plastic sun - murray street
built to spill - strange - sabonis tracks
kissing cousins - deadlines - ep2
wire - three girl rhumba - pink flag
gang of four - outside the trains don't run on time - solid gold
**the coathangers - stop stomp stompin' - scramble

Saturday, April 04, 2009

playlist : april 4 : kuci house party

depeche mode : just can't get enough
duran duran : is there something i should know?
the human league : (keep feeling) fascination
the rapture : whoo! alright-yeah... uh huh
lcd soundsystem : tribulations
mount sims : how we do it (kid606 mix)
klaxons : it's now over yet

new young pony club : ice cream
ladytron : weekend (james iha mix)
idc : shake justice
idc : acceptable house
the waitresses : happy birthday
digitalism : i want i want
cansei de ser sexy : music is my hot hot sex

Thursday, April 02, 2009

playlist : april 2 : peachcake

thanks to peachcake for an entertaining evening!
special thanks to rich at art of broadcast!

**animal collective - in the flowers - merriweather post pavillion
**the littlest viking - one malt, two straws - labor and lust
**condo fucks - with a girl like you - fuckbook (it's yo la tengo in disguise!)
yo la tengo - mr tough - i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass
**bishop allen - south china moon - grrr...
**pomegranates - beachcomber - evreybody, come outside!
**jeremy jay -in this lonely town - slow dance
the get up kids - high as the moon - on a wire
kraftwerk - autobahn - the mix
peachcake - stop acting like you know more about the internet cafe than me - what year will you have the world?
the make up - earth worm pt 2 - in mass mind
**chain and the gang - trash talk - down with liberty... up with chains!
venus infers -waterfalls - the truth about venus infers
japanese motors - single fins and safety pins - japanese motors
**strange boys - heard you wanna beat me up - and girls club
tigers can bite you - taking running away - steve ward hears voices
robotanists - slow motion - close down the woods
two guns - cave in - two guns
**handsome furs - evangeline - face control
fugazi - provisional - 13 songs
**volcano suns - dot on the map - all night lotus party
**doves - the outsiders - kingdom of rust
peachcake - welcome to the party to save the world - what year will you have the world?
peach cake - make movement not war - what year will you have the world?
northern labour party - embrace - northern labour party