Thursday, October 28, 2010

playlist : october 28

skeletons are rad.

vince guaraldi (charlie brown) - great pumpkin waltz
the raveonettes - attack of the ghost riders - whip it on
the prids - not even sometimes - love zero
hexham heads - you make me feel like a ghost - you make me feel like a ghost (single)
ceremony - silhouette - rocket fire
deathday party - cold room - ghost pains
my bloody valentine - forever and again - this is your bloody valentine
the misfits - some kinda hate - legacy of brutality
the damned - i'm a burglar - sessions of the damned
the cramps - sheena's in a goth gang - big beat from badsville
mission of burma - that's when i reach for my revolver - signals calls and marches
black heart procession - tropics of love - amore del tropico
**grinderman - when my baby comes - grinderman 2
mister loveless - strange and futureless - the old pain
veil veil vanish - anthem for a doomed youth (gomorrah remix) - anthem for a doomed youth
the faint - the conductor (thin white duke remix) - danse macabre remixes

Thursday, October 21, 2010

playlist : october 21

the motel life - alva - retreat
**tim kasher - monogamy - the game of monogamy
**the walkmen - blue as your blood - lisbon
gram rabbit - destinies align - miracles and metaphors
marnie stern - for ash - on a tightrope

congrats to our seabear/grandchildren ticket winners!!!
grandchildren - ok i'm waiting - everlasting
seabear - fire dies down - we built a fire
grandchildren - saturn returns - everlasting
seabear - wooden teeth - we built a fire

**superchunk - fractures in plaster - majesty shredding
the shape of the earth - you can only get so lonely - the romantics ep
resa - see you soon - trying to leave
**azure ray - walking in circles - drawing down the moon
**three mile pilot - still alive - the inevitable past is the future forgotten

**no age - shed and transcend - everything in between
hexham heads - i make you feel like a ghost - you make me feel like a ghost
**the hundred in the hands - killing it - the hundred in the hands
the family shocks - happy pills -
**crocodiles - girl in black - sleep forever

**the raveonettes - i wanna be adored (stone roses cover) - 50 years of dr martens
**the duke spirit - if the kids are united (sham 69 cover) - 50 years of dr martens
**the harvey girls - monster - i've been watching a lof of horror movies lately
**grinderman - palaces of montezuma - grinderman 2

**frankie rose and the outs - memo - frankie rose and the outs
toby richardson - kin of all the moves - the stones and the rabbits ep
**nobunny - pretty little trouble - first blood

casxio - boiling point - friends vs lovers
sleigh bells - kids - treats

Thursday, October 14, 2010

playlist : october 14 : casxio

casxio album preview + guest dj:

glass candy - hurt - love love love ep
cristina - things fall apart - ze 30: 1979–2009
**chromeo - hot mess - business casual
love grenades - young lovers (sam sparro remix) - tigers in the fire remixes
**breakbot - baby i'm yours (la funk mob remix) - baby i’m yours remixes
chromatics - hands in the dark - after dark
radio 4 - boy meets girl - the new song and dance
**colourbox - breakdown - bustin' out: new wave to new beat v2
casxio - friends vs lovers - friends vs lovers
casxio - i just wanna have sex with you - friends vs lovers
casxio - street interlude - friends vs lovers

casxio - lose control - friends vs lovers
yellow alex and the feelings -
mylo - in my arms - destroy rock and roll
casxio - the way you make me feel - friends vs lovers
shawn shan -
casxio - seventeen - friends vs lovers
casxio - my book - friends vs lovers
casxio/love grenades - summer fun
hot chip - touch too much (fake blood remix) - hold on / touch too much remixes
the faint - i disappear - wet from birth
the movies -
the knife - heartbeats - deep cuts
casxio - counting squares - friends vs lovers
casxio - anticipation - friends vs lovers
ladyhawke - better than sunday - ladyhawke

more info:
casxio on FB
casxio on twitter

Thursday, October 07, 2010

playlist : october 7 : revolver from paris!

**the walkmen - victory - lisbon
**the intelligence - the universe - males
**les savy fav - dear crutches - root for ruin
**grinderman - heathen child - grinderman 2
mikey pauker - compass - sim shalom
**the black angels - haunting at 1300 mckinley - phosphene dream
**the vaselines - the devil's inside me - sex with an x

revolver’s music for a while played in it’s entirety!
birds in Dm
leave me alone
back to you
untitled #1
do you have a gun?
luke, mike and john
a song she wrote
you drove me home
get around town
untitled #2
it’s alright

revolver guest dj:
**the drums - let's go surfing - the drums
daniel johnston - some things last a long time - welcome to my world
the kills - getting down - midnight boom
sonic youth - little trouble girl - washing machine
department of eagles - in ear park - in ear park
franz schuburt -
op8 - crackin' water - slush
bonnie prince billy - wolf among wolves - summer in the southeast

**blonde redhead - love or prison - penny sparkle

more info:
revolver is one of kuci's featured bands this week!

and if you're going to CMJ, you can catch them at the hiro ballroom on 10/19 and at cake shop on 10/20!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

cameron rafati interview!

Cameron Rafati was kind enough to answer some questions for The Sound Session!

Introduce yourself: who are you, where are you from?
My name is Cameron Rafati. I am a singer songwriter/crossover electronic artist. I am originally from Salt Lake City, Utah.

How much does film (and living near Park City, Utah... the home of the Sundance Film Festival) inspire your music? Do you have a favorite film score?

Sundance Film Festival has been a massive help to my career. When I was nominated for best score in '08 I was still a Commercial Real Estate Broker in the Wells Fargo Building on MacArthur and Main in Irvine. I didn’t think about showing up to the ceremony because I thought the award and the pursuit of my dream was not “realistic.” When the Market crashed, I left and knew that was the time to get back into music. Since then I was an Official Artist of Sundance in '09 and was the guitarist this year for PRAS from Fugees as we rocked the Sundance Haiti Fundraiser.

Film has been such a huge influence on my sound because of all this and I am so grateful to be so connected to the festival. I think my favorite scores are Ennio Morricone's “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” and the whole soundtrack for “Last of the Mohicans.”

What have you been listening to lately?
Lately I have been listening to a lot to electronic music. After the popularity of my song “xOx” and after just releasing my new Remix Album, I'm realizing that this is the direction I want to go. It's fun and it fits me more. I'm tired of being another Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz. My voice is loud, I’m 6’6 and I’m a little more flashy and passionate than that genre.

What band/musician, dead or alive, you would love to play with?
I want to one day work with Danger Mouse and Damon Albarn of GORILLAZ. U2, Radiohead and Coldplay are also my heroes. I did get a chance to jam with Hanson [the other] night as I opened for them in Salt Lake and as cheesy as people think they are I was really in the presence of greatness.

Do you have a favorite guilty pleasure band/artist?
HAHAHAHA Celine Dion. I love her song called “I’m Alive.” Sometimes I dance around the house in the morning in my boxers singing it at the top of my lungs.

Monday, October 04, 2010

quote of the week:
to geek is to love.
to be hipster is to hate.