Saturday, June 26, 2010

playlist : june 26 : play it as it lays

the moog - lost day - razzmatazz orfeum
open hand - the hand - honey
sleater kinney - all hands on the bad one - all hands on the bad one
**trash monsters - roads in between us - trash monsters
**the get up kids - your petty pretty things - simple science ep
**the national - afraid of everyone - high violet
astra heights - lonely life - ship of theseus
**magic bullets - lying around - magic bullets
**ty segall - sad fuzz - melted
dan mangan - pine for cedars - nice, nice, very nice
**the black keys - howlin for you - brothers
the stone foxes - stomp - bears and bulls
black rebel motorcycle club - american x - baby 81
sonic youth - nevermind (what was it anyway) - nyc ghosts and flowers
wire - a touching display - 154
**manual - blood run - drowned in light
**ariel pink's haunted graffiti - can't hear my eyes - before today
**the joy formidable - ostrich - a balloon called moaning
**the splinters - cool - kick
vivian girls - no - vivian girls
buzzcocks - everybody's happy nowadays - operators manual
**small black - pleasant experience - small black ep
**caribou - odessa - swim
active child - when your love is safe - curtis lane ep
music for animals - nervous in new york (sugar and gold remix)
**sleigh bells - kids - treats
**veil veil vanish - change in the neon light - change in the neon light

Thursday, June 24, 2010

playlist : june 24

**dash jacket - summers spent elsewhere - romance
the stone foxes - passenger train - bears and bulls
**ariel pink's haunted graffiti - round and round - before today
broadcast - poem of dead song - extended play two
letting up despite great faults - the colors aren't you or me - letting up despite great faults
the big pink - tonight - a brief history of love
a place to bury strangers - missing you - a place to bury strangers
useless keys - white noise - useless keys ep
**veil veil vanish - detachment - change in the neon light
mister loveless - strange and futureless - three words ep
music for animals - the quiet one - if looks could kill
archie bronson outfit - shark's tooth - coconut (by request for steve)
active child - she was a vision (radio edit) - curtis lane
**das ding - reassurance ritual - the minimal wave tapes v.1 (it skipped, but it's awesome... seek it out!)
**casiokids - en ville hest - topp stemming pa lokal bar
a certain ratio - knife slits water - early
rainbow arabia - haunted hall - kabukuaono
delta 5 - circuit - singles and session 79-81
teenage jesus and the jerks - i woke up dreaming - everything
clinic - come into our room - come into our room [single]
the buzzcocks - innocent - trade test transmissions
television - beauty trip - television
**the fall - mexico wax solvent - your future our clutter
astra heights - infinite line - ship of theseus
the stills - lola stars and stripes - logic will break your heart
**ratatat - sunblocks - lp4

Thursday, June 17, 2010

playlist : june 17

**ariel pink's haunted graffiti - fright night - before today
**the morning benders - wet cement - big echo
heavy young heathens - make room for the youth - make room for the youth
french kicks - when you heard you - one time bells
the moog - can't say no, can't say yes - razzamatazz orfeum
dan mangan - sold - nice nice very nice
clem snide - now the moment's gone - moment in the sun ep (by request!)
**broken social scene - sentimental x's - forgiveness rock record
**stars - i died so i could haunt you - the five ghosts
mates of state - i know, and i said forget it - our constant concern
**ratatat - neckbrace - lp4
fujiya and miyagi - collarbone - transparent things
fannypack - so stylistic - so stylistic
**love is all - never now - two thousand and ten injuries
minus the bear - let's play clowns - they make beer commericals like this
**magic bullets - pretend and descend - magic bullets ep
mister loveless - hidden just enough - three words ep
**the depreciation guild - november - spirit youth
the pains of being pure of heart - say no to love - say no to love ep
trashcan sinatras - earlies - in the music
british india - beneath the satellites - beneath the satellites [single]
venus infers - this mockingbird (won't sing for free) - you'll understand when you're older
**the blank tapes - flashback - home away from home
**dash jacket - till dawn - romance
astra heights - bang bang bang - ship of theseus
music for animals - nervous in new york - if looks could kill
**hotels - leilani (nite club remix) - the heart that hears like a bat

Thursday, June 10, 2010

playlist : june 10 : venus infers

music for animals - strangers die alone - if looks could kill
open hand - risky - honey
the moog - joyclad armies - razzmatazz orfeum
astra heights - the push - ship of theseus
trashcan sintaras - weightlifting (live) - in the music
the pains of being pure at heart - lost saint - say no to love 7"
mister loveless - the old pain - three words ep
pinback - byzantine - nautical antiques

davis of venus infers loves shoegaze music...
slowdive - when the sun hits - souvlaki
jesus and mary chain - sidewalking - barbed wire kisses
my bloody valentine - glider - glider ep
ride - vapour trail - ox4: the best of ride
**ceremony - marianne - rocket fire
the raveonettes - last dance - in and out of control

debut of the new venus infers record!!!
-this mockingbird
-goodbye horses (garvey cover)
-some guys like girls more than other do
-some things are better the way they're remembered
-if only
-caspar (daniel johnston cover)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

playlist : june 3 : mister loveless

**love is all - again again - two thousand and ten injuries
**the joy formidable - austere - a ballon called moaning
the real tuesday weld - the days of you and me - l'amour et la morte (by request!)
the pains of being pure at heart - say no to love - say no to love 7"
**the depreciation guild - dream about me - spirit youth
blue jungle - bombay sapphire - baby don't cry 12"
**manual - afterimages - drowned in light

mister loveless three words ep!!!
the old pain
from burning bridges
what people do
strange and futureless
hidden just enough
old pain reprise

**ceremony - regret - rocket fire
vivien goldman - laundrette - disco not disco 3

mister loveless acoustic set!!!

**crash course in science - flying turns - the minimal wave tapes v.1
blonde redhead - en particular - melodie citronique

mister loveless guest dj:
cocteau twins - heaven or las vegas - heaven or las vegas
**the fall - weather report 2 - your future our clutter
marmoset - friendamine - record in red
fugazi - i'm so tired - instrument
**the national - england - high violet
swervedriver - last train to satansville - mezcal head
autolux - capital kind of strain - future perfect
daniel johnston - true love will find you in the end - welcome to my world

special thanks to ziba z for making this night great!