Thursday, June 17, 2010

playlist : june 17

**ariel pink's haunted graffiti - fright night - before today
**the morning benders - wet cement - big echo
heavy young heathens - make room for the youth - make room for the youth
french kicks - when you heard you - one time bells
the moog - can't say no, can't say yes - razzamatazz orfeum
dan mangan - sold - nice nice very nice
clem snide - now the moment's gone - moment in the sun ep (by request!)
**broken social scene - sentimental x's - forgiveness rock record
**stars - i died so i could haunt you - the five ghosts
mates of state - i know, and i said forget it - our constant concern
**ratatat - neckbrace - lp4
fujiya and miyagi - collarbone - transparent things
fannypack - so stylistic - so stylistic
**love is all - never now - two thousand and ten injuries
minus the bear - let's play clowns - they make beer commericals like this
**magic bullets - pretend and descend - magic bullets ep
mister loveless - hidden just enough - three words ep
**the depreciation guild - november - spirit youth
the pains of being pure of heart - say no to love - say no to love ep
trashcan sinatras - earlies - in the music
british india - beneath the satellites - beneath the satellites [single]
venus infers - this mockingbird (won't sing for free) - you'll understand when you're older
**the blank tapes - flashback - home away from home
**dash jacket - till dawn - romance
astra heights - bang bang bang - ship of theseus
music for animals - nervous in new york - if looks could kill
**hotels - leilani (nite club remix) - the heart that hears like a bat