Thursday, May 27, 2010

playlist : may 27 : chicago edition

thanks to steve for guest DJing...

dan mangan - some people - nice, nice, very nice
trashcan sinatras - prisons - in the music
**the national - little faith - high violet
the moog - self and soul - razzmatazz orfeum
**the bird and the bee - maneater - interpreting the masters: a tribute to hall and oates

**solid gold - danger zone (top gun cover) - synchronize ep
detroit cobras - the slum - mink rat or rabbit
archie bronson outfit - dart for my sweetheart - derdang derdang
heavy young heathens - shine - make room for the youth ep
spinnerette - valium knights - valium knights
the duke spirit - red weather - cuts across the land
xploding plastix - treat me mean, i need the reputation
**sugar and gold - stay soft - get wet!
love is all - ageing has never been his friend - nine times that same song
ladyhawke - better than sunday - ladyhawke
**yeasayer - mondegreen - odd blood
edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros - home - up from below
i'm from barcelona - treehouse - i'm from barcelona (by request for perry!)
12th planet and juakali - reasons (doctor p remix) - SMOG sampler
kraftwerk - chrono - tour de france
infected mushroom - cities of the future (by request!)
css - let's make love and listen to death from above - 12" single diplo remix
new young pony club - ice cream (van she remix) - fantastic playroom
death from above 1979 - sexy results (mstrkrft remix) - romance bloody romance
mister loveless - from burning bridges - three words ep

Thursday, May 20, 2010

playlist : may 20 : heavy young heathens

sleater kinney - words and guitar - dig me out
pavement - cut your hair - quarantine the past

the helio sequence - repeater - love and distance
trashcan sinatras - easy on the eye - in the music

heavy young heathens
"make room for the youth" EP preview:
like a serenade
she thinks she knows
make room for the youth
daylight breaks

heavy young heathens guest DJ:
kasabian - vlad the impaler - the west ryder pauper lunatic asylum
death from above 1979 - blood on our hands - you're a woman, i'm a machine
the kills - getting down - midnight boom
beach house - zebra - teen dream
sea wolf - you're a wolf - leaves in the river
the rosewood thieves - los angeles - from the decker house
empire of the sun - walking on a dream - walking on a dream
waylon jennings - honky tonk heroes - honky tonk heroes
hank williams jr - the conversation - whiskey bent and hell bound
loretta lynn and conway twitty - you're the reason our kids are ugly
red red meat -
ween - buenas tardes amigo - chocolate and cheese
black rebel motorcycle club - stop - take them on, on their own
the simpsons - flaming moe's
jack black y mucho macho - forbidden nectar
royal trux - don't try too hard - sweet sixteen

if you liked tonight's show, you can download HYHs new EP for free here:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

playlist: may 19 : subbing bunnies in space

ziba and i subbed bunnies in space tonight!
here's the playlist:

heavenly - space manatee
surfer blood - swim (new)*
belle and sebastian - like dylan in the movies (BBC sessions)
the bird and the bee - i can't go for that (hall and oates cover) (new)*
lali puna - together in electric dreams (human league cover)
coco rosie - fairy paradise (new)*
crystal skulls - the cosmic door
we were promised jetpacks - quiet little voices (for noel)
ted leo and the pharmacists - one polaroid a day (new)*
local natives - wide eyes (new)*

chicago set:
braid - killing a camera
the sea and cake - two dolphins
the sea and cake - crossing line
rainer maria - artificial light
sam prekop - the company
geoff farina - olive or otherwise
karate - airport
tortoise - six pack

les savy fav - hello halo, goodbye glands
hey mercedes - every turn
moses campbell - fights and clubs (new)*
american analog set - choir vandals
horse feathers - as a ghost (new)*
junior boys - in the morning (request for michael)
erlend oye/morgan geist - lullaby/a place in my heart
dntel ft mia doi todd - anywhere anyone
hope sandoval - on the low
midnight movies - love or a lesson

Thursday, May 13, 2010

playlist : may 13 : fluxclub DJs

**black tambourine - for ex lovers only (first demo) - black tambourine
gang of four - guns before butter - the peel sessions
mission of burma - red - the definitive editions
**the fall - bury pts 1 + 3 - your future our clutter
**manual - morning glass 1982 - drowned in light
a place to bury strangers - the falling sun - a place to bury strangers
**ceremony - breaking up - rocket fire
**veil veil vanish - this is violet - change in the neon light
jesus and mary chain - hit - barbed wire kisses

FLUXCLUB dj set!

post-punk radio destruction

neu! - negativeland
crass - mother earth
former ghosts - in earth's palm
afrodisia città libera - stati d'ansia
the misfits - cough/cool
pierre schaeffer - etude aux chemins de fer
dark day - hands in the dark
scortilla - fahrenheit 451
hert eimertn - klangstudie II
micron 63 - repeat sick repeat
days of sorrow - i travel
nine circles - twinkling stars
iron curtain - shadow
xeno & oaklander - shadow world
steve reich - come out
automelodi - schema corporel
death in june - fields
sprung aus den wolken - leidenschaftlich
above the ruins - progress
cold cave - sex ads
crystal castles - doe dear
ministry - burning inside
lydia lunch - dance of the dead children

Thursday, May 06, 2010

playlist : may 6

**delta spirit - salt in the wound - history from below
the vacuum bell - the letter (the box tops cover) - recorded especially for the sound session, thank you so much will!
**avi buffalo - remember last time - avi buffalo

**local natives - wide eyes - gorilla manor
graydon - anytime at all - graydon
nigel wilson - part two - anybody else
fielding - it's not safe - the voice of us

heavy young heathens - she thinks she knows - make room for the youth ep
the moog - when i see you - razzmatazz orfeum
**the wave pictures - bumble bee - if you leave it alone

congrats to our minus the bear / the shout out louds ticket winners!!!
minus the bear - monkey!!! knife!!! fight!!! - highly refined pirates
the shout out louds - impossible - our ill wills

**ted leo and the pharmacists - woke up near chelsea - the brutalist bricks
**love is all - take your time - two thousand and ten injuries
**surfer blood - fast jabroni - astro coast
special patrol group - august and still unaware - ...completes one task
**drink up buttercup - even think - born and thrown on a hook

**walking sleep - let it go on - measures
**the fall - funnel of love - your future our clutter
mister loveless - strange and futureless - three words ep
**oppenheimer analysis - radiance - the minimal wave tapes vol.1
**hot chip - one life stand (drums of death remix) - one life stand remixes

the meeting places - same lies as yesterday - the meeting places