Thursday, June 29, 2006

playlist : june 29

**mates of state - fraud in the 80s - bring it back
**smoosh - find a way - free to stay
**regina spektor - lady - begin to hope
**smoosh - i would go - free to stay
**camera obscura - if looks could kill - let's get out of this country
**dirty on purpose - light pollution - hallelujah sirens
**midlake - roscoe - the trials of van occupanther
**epsilons - fever to kill - epsilons
**james figurine - 55566688833 - mistake mistake mistake mistake
**four tet - pockets - dj kicks
**css - let's make love and listen to death from above
death from above 1979 - romantic rights - you're a woman, i'm a machine
**supercreep - soft summer breakdown - supercreep
my morning jacket - west end girls - chapter 2: learning: early recordings (request!)

sounds of the week:
**built to spill - just a habit - you in reverse
belle and sebastian - you're just a baby - tigermilk
now it's overhead - hold your spin - now it's overhead
**tilly and the wall - urgency - bottoms of barrels

sleater kinney - night light - the woods
sleater kinney - jenny - dig me out
jason faulkner - she's not the enemy - ipo vol 2
jon brion - didn't think it would turn out bad - i heart huckabees (request!)
**the ditty bops - get up n go - moon over the freeway
**irving - i want to love you in my room - death in the garden, blood in the flowers
**psapp - tricycle - the only think i ever wanted
**the hylozoists - if only your heart was a major sixth - la fin du monde
**the walkmen - don't get me down (come on over here) - a hundred miles off

thanks to mark for his the behind-the-scenes help tonight...

Thursday, June 22, 2006

playlist : june 22

**phoenix - one time too many - it's never been like that
**candy bars - lovesong lake - on cutting ti-gers in half and understanding narravation
lali puna - antena trash - tridecorder
**be your own PET - we will vacation, you can be my parasol - be your own PET
the thermals - how we know - fuckin a
erase errata - marathon (adult remix) - dancing machine: erase errata remix record
erase errata - other animals (matmos remix) - dancing machine: erase errata remix record (request!)
say hi to your mom - the forest scares the hell out of me - ferocious mopes
**grandaddy - where i'm anymore - just like the fambly cat
broadcast - michael a grammer - tender buttons (request!)
**irving - she's not shy - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
black box recorder - andrew ridgely - passionoia

sounds of the week:
cat power - he war -you are free
the minor canon - killing spiders - the minor canon [demo]
the like - what i say and what i mean - like it or not
built to spill - linus and lucy (live) - sabonis tracks

**sonic youth - lights out - rather ripped
**wire - three girl rhumba - pink flag
**epsilons - snap crackle pop - epsilons
**love is all - make out fall out make up - nine times that same song
**starlight mints - rhino stomp - drowaton
**awesome color - free man - awesome color
**small sins - threw it all away - small sins
**the futureheads - yes/no - news and tributes
**regina spektor - apres moi - begin to hope
**dirty on purpose - always looking - hallelujah sirens
**smoosh - this is not what we've become -free to stay

Thursday, June 15, 2006

playlist : june 15

**be your own PET - adventure - be your own PET
**grandaddy - the animal world - just like the fambly cat
**love is all - used goods - nine times that same song
**tilly and the wall - brave day - bottoms of barrels
**pretty girls make graves - domino - elan vital
azure ray - don't make a sound - azure ray
**candy bars - a family photo taken at an aquarium - on cutting ti-gers in half and understanding narravation
**the walkmen - tenleytown - a hundred miles off
**the marked men - a little lesson - fix my brain
**prototypes - dis moi - prototypes
**prototypes - ici ou peut-etre demain - prototypes
tahiti 80 - get yourself together - wallpaper for the soul
saint etienne - heart failed (in the back of a taxi) - travel edition 1990-2005
**jamie lidell - multiply (in a minor key) - multiply additions
the minor canon - a false start - the minor canon [demo]

sounds of the week:
radio 4 - start a fire - gotham
solvent - my radio - disco nouveau
run run run - 2am - drizzle [ep]
the twilight singers - the killer - blackberry belle
**the fiery furnaces - teach me sweetheart - bitter tea
**the duke spirit - fades the sun - cuts across the land
**small sins - stay - small sins
**the futureheads - skip to the end - news and tributes

**dirty on purpose - no radio - hallelujah sirens
**the ditty bops - waking up in the city - moon over the freeway
**regina spektor - fidelity - begin to hope
**camera obscura - come back margaret - let's get out of this country
**phoenix - consollation prizes - it's never been like that

Thursday, June 08, 2006

album reviews

some recent album reviews...

Pretty Girls Make Graves - √Član Vital

The band’s second album on Matador Records loses the loud screams, replacing them for focused, lyrically biting vocals. They concentrate on diversifying their sound on each track: from the pop sing-song rally cry “Parade”, to the subtle dance-punk undertones of “Domino”, to the accordion tinged sea shanty “Selling the Wind” (punk Decemberists, anyone?). Early fans will find of moments of force/strength in “The Magic Hour” or “Wildcat”, but nothing as rowdy as can be found on their first LP Good Health. They even make way for calm-yet-anxious male vocals on “Pictures of a Night Scene”, a slow-building tune complete with moody drums and horns. With the addition of keyboardist Leona Marrs (who doubles as a complimentary second vocalist to singer Andrea Zollo), Pretty Girls Make Graves experiment with a range of sound that prevents them from becoming one of those “just boring and old acts”. Their new mature and refined outlook suits them well.

The Walkmen - A Hundred Miles Off

A Hundred Miles Off finds The Walkmen going for a faster tempo in comparison to their earlier intermittent bursts of energy. Hamilton Leithauser still carries his raw, raspy voice well (when you can actually decipher his slurred lyrics), as his bandmates help to test out some exotic rhythms (mariachi stylings on the opener “Louisiana”; steel drum or bongos pounding on “Brandy Alexander”). Highlights include “Lost In Boston” which sounds polished in stereo (as opposed to the lo-fi garage flair the Walkmen are known for) and the rollicking drum heavy “Tenleytown”. They also present a successful closer, a cover of Mazarin’s “Another One Goes By”. The most surprising element to the album is that the band stays upbeat while still maintaining a laid back vibe. A promising effort.

Irving - Death In The Garden, Blood On The Flowers

I’ve been following this band since their first album and this is by far their most sophisticated release. Starting as a modest Los Angeles pop band with songs that placed them into the same category as those in the Elephant 6 collective, Irving have unleashed smart, sassy lyrics and engaging harmonies to boot. Is this the same band that released Good Morning Beautiful? They haven’t abandoned their pop sensibilities but instead have created a blossoming sound incorporating indie rock (heavier guitars on “She’s Not Shy” and pounding drums with faint background screaming on “Situation”) and electronic influences (keyboards on “Jen, Nothing Matters to Me”, “I’ll Write the Song, You Sing for Me”, and “If You Say Jump, I Will Say No”). The lyrics deal more explicitly with sex and relationships than their previous releases – yet, remember kids, they’re foremost a POP band, they keep it clean! With these changes, it’s clear that Irving are trying to appeal to a wider audience, while still keeping their original (and local) fan base satisfied.

playlist : june 8

**pretty girls make graves - pictures of a night scene - elan vital
**irving - care, i don't care - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
**the walkmen - lost in boston - a hundred miles off
my bloody valentine - to here knows when - loveless
my bloody valentine - the love gang - this is my bloody valentine
**mojave 3 - kill the lights - puzzles like you
**camera obscura - lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken - let's get out of this country
**the black heart procession - places - the spell
**the starlight mints - eyes of the night - drownaton
cursive - shallow means, deep ends - domestica
blonde redhead - odiata per le sue virtu - melodie citronique
**love is all - trying too hard - nine times that same song
dressy bessy - there's a girl - sound go round
**phoenix - rally - it's never been like that
**the rakes - just a man with a job - selections from monsieur gainsbourg (request!)
**asobi seksu - new years - citrus
**smoosh - rock song - free to stay
clinic - walking with thee -
tortoise - seneca - standards
animal collective - the softest voice - sung tongs (request!)
ladytron - high rise- witching hour (request!)
**the ditty bops - fish to fry - moon over the freeway
**candy bars - works cited - on cutting ti-gers in half and understanding narravation
the velvet teen - we were bound (to bend the rules) - elysium (request!)
**sia - paranoid android - exit music: songs with radio heads

Thursday, June 01, 2006

playlist : june 1

**crystal skulls - heavy sleeper - outgoing behavior
**languis - citi of lights - other desert cities
**gotye - the only way - like drawing blood
autoclave - i'll take you down - autoclave
mary timony - musik and charming melodee - the golden dove
helium - superball - superball+
**grandaddy - rear view mirror - just like the fambly cat
**tilly and the wall - sing songs along - bottoms of barrels
**the fiery furances - nevers - bitter tea
the 5678s - pinball party - can't help it
**radio 4 - this is not a test - enemies like this
**the walkmen - another one goes by - a hundred miles off
the mountain goats - this year - the sunset tree (request!)
joanna newsom - this side of the blue - the milk-eyed mender (request!)
bonfire madigan - 7 mile lane - saddle the bridge (request!)

sounds of the week:
**murder by death - brother - in bocca al lupo
**liars - let's not wrestle mt heart attack - drum's not dead
charlatans uk - a house is not a home - us and us only
**pretty girls make graves - parade - elan vital

**venice is sinking - pulaski heights - sorry about the flowers
**candy bars - landscape - on cutting ti-gers in half and understanding narravation
**rose melberg - irene - cast away the clouds
**the ditty bops - moon over the freeway - moon over the freeway
**love is all - turn the radio off - nine times that same song
**pony up! - only feelgood - make love to the judges with your eyes