Thursday, June 08, 2006

playlist : june 8

**pretty girls make graves - pictures of a night scene - elan vital
**irving - care, i don't care - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
**the walkmen - lost in boston - a hundred miles off
my bloody valentine - to here knows when - loveless
my bloody valentine - the love gang - this is my bloody valentine
**mojave 3 - kill the lights - puzzles like you
**camera obscura - lloyd, i'm ready to be heartbroken - let's get out of this country
**the black heart procession - places - the spell
**the starlight mints - eyes of the night - drownaton
cursive - shallow means, deep ends - domestica
blonde redhead - odiata per le sue virtu - melodie citronique
**love is all - trying too hard - nine times that same song
dressy bessy - there's a girl - sound go round
**phoenix - rally - it's never been like that
**the rakes - just a man with a job - selections from monsieur gainsbourg (request!)
**asobi seksu - new years - citrus
**smoosh - rock song - free to stay
clinic - walking with thee -
tortoise - seneca - standards
animal collective - the softest voice - sung tongs (request!)
ladytron - high rise- witching hour (request!)
**the ditty bops - fish to fry - moon over the freeway
**candy bars - works cited - on cutting ti-gers in half and understanding narravation
the velvet teen - we were bound (to bend the rules) - elysium (request!)
**sia - paranoid android - exit music: songs with radio heads