Thursday, September 30, 2010

playlist : september 30

**azure ray - signs in the leaves - drawing down the moon
cameron rafati - 53rd story - xox half album
resa - the miles between - trying to leave
**blonde redhead - black guitar - penny sparkle
**dead leaf echo - half-truth - truth
preacher's sons - free - looks like a flood, feels like a drought
dark dark dark - celebrate - wild go
**tim kasher - cold love - the game of monogamy
hooray for earth - surrounded by your friends -
grandchildren - toss and turn - everlasting
seabear - softship - we built a fire
**the vaselines - mouth to mouth - sex with an x
**the intelligence - chateau bandit - males
**nobunny - gone for good - first blood
**les savy fav - lips n stuff - root for ruin
**les savy fav - high and unhinged - root for ruin
**no age - fever dreaming - everything in between
**the black angels - yellow elevator #2 - phosphene dream
**crocodiles - all my hate and hexes are for you - sleep forever
suicide - dream baby dream - ze 30
hexham heads - you make me feel like a ghost - mirror mirror
helluvah - patriarkill -
gram rabbit - hyena - miracles and metaphors
**the walkmen - angela surf city - lisbon
**frankie rose and the outs - don't tred - frankie rose and the outs
i love you but i've chosen darkness - when you go out - i love you but i've chosen darkness
**casxio - lose control - friends vs lovers
**!!! - jamie, my intentions are bass - strange weather, isn't it?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

playlist : september 23

special thanks to steve for being a great co-host over the past several months - you will be missed!!!

**of montreal - around the way - false priest

**superchunk - crossed wires - majesty shredding
revolver - get around town - music for a while
ghost lobby - fractured - march
**azure ray - shouldn't have loved - drawing down the moon
tim kasher - strays - the game of monogamy
**the black angels - entrance song - phosphene dream
black rebel motorcycle club - we're all in love - take them on, on your own
spinnerette - valium knights - valium knights
jaguar love - highways of love - jaguar love
soulwax - krack - any minute now
ear pwr -
diamonds liquor leather - super animal brothers iii
ladytron - seventeen (soulwax remix)
casxio - counting squares - friends vs lovers
hot chip - over and over (album version) - over and over remixes
high contrast - global love - true colors
**!!! - steady as the sidewalk cracks - strange weather, isn't it?
animal collective - peacebone - peacebone
active child - she was a vision (radio edit) - curtis lane
school of seven bells - chain - alpinisms
**film school - heart full of pentagons - fission
**blonde redhead - my plants are dead - penny sparkle
the xx - crystalised - the xx
the deadly snakes - closed casket - ode to joy
**crocodiles - hollow hollow eyes - sleep forever
the intelligence - estate sales - males
**frankie rose and the outs - that's what people told me - frankie rose and the outs
**the vaselines - sex with an x - sex with an x
**the rebel set - black suit, black heart - poison arrow

Thursday, September 16, 2010

playlist : september 16 : another perfect crime

resa - hold steady - trying to leave
vincent minor - the trap - vincent minor
evaline - patterned - patterned ep
the intelligence - like like like like like like like - males
son of heatwave - amy's song - beware of the red-eyed elk
preacher's sons - poison oak - looks like a flood, feels like a drought
**azure ray - don't leave my mind - drawing down the moon

another perfect crime - 95% - get out!
another perfect crime - your voice - get out!
another perfect crime - a warning for marion crane - get out!

another perfect crime acoustic set!

another perfect crime guest dj:
danielli - delivering your frequency - danielli
elba - minnesota - don't be discouraged, little sparrow
elba - safety in numbers - don't be discouraged, little sparrow
the sound of speed - postpunk - light
ghost lobby - my secret spy novel - march
le tigre - eau d'bedroom dancing - le tigre
the quit - captains of industry - stars invisible by day
sleater-kinney - burn don't freeze - the hot rock
she's your sister - sweet sorrow - onetwothreefour
buzzing silence - love is just a game
sleater-kinney - ironclad - all hands on the bad one
another perfect crime - ich bin ein berliner - get out!
**frankie rose and the outs - candy - frankie rose and the outs
bikini kill - reject all american - reject all american
another perfect crime - paris - get out!
cober - no. 8 - the western cutter

Sunday, September 12, 2010

evaline interview!

The EVALINE guys took some time out to chat with us during their recent tour.

Rita: Give the KUCI audience a little background info on who you are, where you’re from, etc...

Evaline: We are a band from a small town about a half hour east of the San Francisco bay area. There wasn't much to do while we were younger so we started this band. As we grew up we started taking it a bit more seriously and we figured we could do this instead of joining the every day workforce. Here we are now touring the country and looking to release our first full length album sometime next year.

Rita: You’ve been on tour with Apocalyptica and Dir En Grey for the past few weeks, and will be touring with Placebo later this month. All three bands are based outside of the US. Has that influenced your international presence and/or fan base?

Evaline: Time will only tell with that, but the responses have been overwhelmingly good. We think as things progress, being an international band is not too far out of reach. We have just been thankful for the opportunities we have been given and we are making the most of it.

Rita: What have you been listening to while on tour?

Evaline: Black keys, Elbow, Cherry Ghost, Dredg, Gringos Locos and the new Eminem records seem to be the van favorites. But depending on who is driving it can be anything from classical to hip hop to rock to country. There is a pretty diverse taste between us all.

Rita: What was the first concert you ever went to?

Evaline: That's a different story for everyone but a couple saw Third Eye Blind and even heard Dominic went to a Backstreet Boys show.

Rita: Without thinking too much, what’s your favorite guilty pleasure band/artist and why?

Evaline: The consensus was R Kelly but we really see no shame in that. If you like it, you shouldn't feel guilty about what you dig on.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

playlist : september 9

**dead models - little thoughts - dead models ep
**darker my love - dear author - alive as you are
**wake up lucid - e minor - love alive people
**gifts from enola - lionized - gifts from enola
evaline - hours - patterned ep
**les vinyl - graveyard - bright gray
**miniature tigers - bullfighter jacket - fortress
**social studies - run with fever - wind up wooden heart
**land of talk - quarry hymns - cloak and cipher (by request for tan, our awesome music director!)
school of seven bells - wired for light - alpinisms
active child - i'm in your church at night - curtis lane ep
**beak> - pill - beak>
**autolux - spots - transit transit
**film school - meet around 10 - fission
**tears run rings - forgotten - distance
my bloody valentine - thorn - you made me realise
**ra ra riot - foolish - the orchard
**the drums - i need fun in my life - the drums
**your youth - diamond - aloha
**best coast - the end - crazy for you (by request for jeff and kam!)
the clean - thumbs off - anthology (by request for jeff and kam!)
**ceo - come with me - white magic
**blue sky black death - threads of gold - third party
**!!! - am/fm - strange weather, isn't it?
**sleigh bells - treats - treats

Thursday, September 02, 2010

playlist : september 2

**best coast – the end – crazy for you
**the drums – skippin town – the drums
**dreamend – where you belong – so i ate myself, bite by bite
**les vinyl – pix – bright gray
**wake up lucid – other side of the road – look alive people
**the books – free translator – the way out
cameron rafati – i'll promise you (when in rome cover) – xox half album
the easies – peach of a gal –
matt and kim – daylight – grand
**faded paper figures – limelight – new medium
deerhoof – milk man – milk man
**!!! – hollow – strange weather, isn’t it?
**sleigh bells – riot rhythm – treats
**ceo – no mercy – white magic
vincent minor – late night show – vincent minor
preacher’s sons – then it all went wrong – looks like a flood, feels like a drought
azure ray – on and on again – drawing down the moon
**autolux – the science of imaginary solutions – transit transit
**film school – time to listen – fission
**blue sky black death – slow years – third party
**beak> – i know – beak>
**shriekback – my spine is the bassline – bustin' out: new wave to new beat, v2
animal collective – peacebone – strawberry jam
my awesome mixtape – day after day –
summer cats – hey you – songs for tuesdays
**your youth – small sparks – aloha
archie bronson outfit – cherry lips – derdang derdang
ocdj – what's good –
the xx – vcr – the xx
evaline – beneath the fire – patterned ep