Thursday, November 29, 2007

playlist : november 29

my 7th anniversary!!!!

**the go! team - the wrath of marcie - proof of youth
**the virgins - love is colder than death - the virgins
**film school - compare - hideout
**sigur ros - agaetis byrjun - hvarf heim
autoclave - i'll take you down - autoclave
**finn riggins - flying - a solider, a saint, an ocean explorer
**tokyo police club - be good (rac remix)
**klaxons - golden skans (erol alkan's ekstra spetral edit) - free yr radio comp
darker my love - helium heels -
**joe lally - map of the world - nothing is underrated
**wire - 23 years too late - read and burn

sounds of the week:
henry clay people - children of chin - blacklist the kid with the red moustache
the thermals - how we know - fuckin a
voxtrot - your biggest fan - your biggest fan ep
the icarus line - kingdom - black lives at the golden coast
**a place to bury strangers - i know i'll see you - a place to bury strangers

intern josh took over at this point:
the mountain goats
royksopp featuring the knife
international noise conspiracy

lemon sun - the answers - live at the echo...
lemon sun - three words - live at the echo...

Thursday, November 15, 2007

playlist : november 15

**sonic youth - world looks red (live for free yr radio) - free yr radio comp
**joe lally - skin and bone - nothing is underrated
karate - hang out condition - in place of real insight
**sigur ros - hlkomalind - hvarf / heim
**film school - dear me - hideout
**tokyo police club - cut cut paste - smith ep
mates of state - think long - bring it back
puffy ami yumi - oriental diamond - honeycreeper
**tullycraft - the punks are writing love songs - every scene needs a center
pop noir - girls of prey - bang the drum demo
**club 8 - heaven - the boy who couldn't stop dreaming
**finn riggins - the plumest - a soldier, a saint, an ocean explorer
**the mary ornettes - explosions - the mary ornettes
**a place to bury strangers - to fix the gash in your head - a place to bury strangers
my bloody valentine - come in alone - loveless
kitchens of distinction - thought he had everything - cow boys and aliens
tsk tsk - crooked teeth -
the warlocks - stone hearts - phoenix

pia's picks:
metric - combat baby - old world underground, where are you now?
**the go! team - fake id - proof of youth
css - let's make love and listen to death from above - cansei ser sexy
april march - coral bracelet - triggers
deerhoof - +81 - friend opportunity
nouvelle vague - bela lugosi's dead (bauhaus cover) - bande a part
**tegan and sara - back in your head - the con
menomena - muscle n flo - friend and foe
**shouts out loud - time left for love - our ill wills
**bonde de role - tieta - with lazers

michael rydzynsk of "concert preview" will be adding a classical twist to the sound session next week. happy thanksgiving!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

playlist : november 8

**sea wolf - song for the dead - leaves in the river
**loney, dear - the city, the airport - sologne
**monster bobby - bedtime baby - gap
the hot toddies - photosynthesis - smell the mitten
**saturday looks good to me - when i lose my eyes - fill up the room
**finn riggins - glove comprtmnt - a soldier, a saint, an ocean explorer
**shooting spires - right - shooting spires
radars to the sky - rude suprise -

**special thanks to penny distribution for sending me the following**
tom mcshane - scene at the citadel - departures
the terribles - those songs - mistake: do over

**sigur ros - i gaer - hvarf / heim
**the most serene republic - sherry and her butterfly net - population
**frightened rabbit - square 9 - sing the greys
**martime - for science fiction - heresy and the hotel choir
mute math - typical - mute math ep (by request!)

sounds of the week:
stars - the comeback - the comeback ep
sondre lerche - i'll be ok - dan in real life soundtrack
spiritualized - electricity - ladies and gentlemen we are floating in space
celebration - china - celebration
the airborne toxic event - does this mean we're moving on? - the airborne toxic event uk 7"
film school - far away - brillant career
veil veil vanish - all hands in prayer - into a new mausoleum

**a place to bury strangers - ocean - a place to bury stranger
**tokyo police club - box - smith ep
nervous systems - soft weapons - demo 2005
**white williams - i want candy - smoke
whitey - wrap it up - wrap it up single

Thursday, November 01, 2007

playlist : november 1

**tullycraft - a cursed miss maybellene - every scene needs a center
**monster bobby - blah blah blah (give up) - gap
**club 8 - whatever you want - the boy who couldn't stop dreaming
**the most serene republic - present of future end - population
**shooting spires - hollow yell - shooting spires
**enon - paperweights - grass geysers... carbon clouds
glass candy and the shattered theatre - the last time (rolling stones cover) - love love love ep
**cut off your hands - sorry - shaky hands ep
**shout out louds - south america - our ill wills
**frightened rabbit - be less rude - sing the greys
**saturday looks good to me - edison girls - fill up the room
yo la tengo - today is the day - today is the day
**the brunettes - wall poster star - structure and cosmetics
sleater kinney - youth decay - all hands on the bad one
**polysics - catch on everywhere - polysics or die!!!
freezepop - duct tape my heart - fancy ultra fresh