Thursday, December 14, 2006

playlist : december 14

**the shins - phantom limb - phantom limb ep
sleater kinney - the drama you've been craving - dig me out
**and you will know us by the trail of dead - stand in silence - so divided
oh no! oh my! - i have no sister - oh no! oh my!
oh no! oh my! - reeks and seeks - oh no! oh my!
masters of the hemisphere - take time - protest a dark anniversary
**robert pollard - rhoda rhoda - normal happiness
the minders - crest of the hill - it's a bright guilty world
**long distance runner - the fire of cumulative hours - the fire of cumulative hours
**the knife - like a pen - silent shout
**snakes say hiss! - we are hot - i'll be lovin you
**headman (ft. tara) - on and on - on
**the octopus project/black moth super rainbow - lollipopichord - the house of apples and eyeballs
the rondelles - like a prayer (madonna cover) - shined nickels and loose change
**freezepop - get ready 2 rokk - less talk more rokk

Friday, December 08, 2006

album reviews

some of the newest electronic music at kuci, reviewed by me!

long distance runner : the fire of cumulative hours

based out of portland, this is long distance runner's debut. the reference points are accurate: fans of the books, four tet, and caribou (and tortoise too!) will enjoy this. kyle briggs, aka long distance runner, takes the best elements of each of those artists (the books' careful "found sound" selections, four tet's experimentation, caribou's subtle pop hints) and blends them together, making his own sonic smoothie. favorite tracks are #2, #4, #5. a good start, here's hoping the upcoming lp goes in a similar direction.

the knife : deep cuts

swedish brother and sister duo play a variety of electro-pop, both retro and futuristic! some is dark, some is more upbeat (read: you could dance to it?!). this is an expanded album (with dvd), though the bonus remixes are not as impressive as the album itself. recommended tracks #1, #6, #8, #10, #15, #16.

Thursday, December 07, 2006

playlist : december 7

**josef k - it's kinda funny - entomology
**beach house - apple orchard - beach house
**the inner banks - anthem - the inner banks
pinback - seville - blue screen life
**the blow - eat your heart up - paper television
**darkel - tv destroy - darkel
broadcast - man is not a bird - haha sound
**mirah - monument (anna oxygen remix) - joyride: remixes
wolf and cub - seeds of doubt - vessels
**the shins - split needles (alternative version) - phantom limb
the gloria record - ode to new grass - the gloria record ep
**sufjan stevens - hey guys! it's christmas time! - songs for christmas
**pilot scott tracy - jules, jean and juliette - we cut loose

sounds of the week:
coto normal - drift - surround sound vol 3 (the lab/the camp comp)
satisfaction - so usual - for men and women ep
the faint - agenda suicide (jagz kooner remix) - danse macabre remixes
peaches - aa xxx - sweet side of peaches
pop noir - diy -
lemon sun - telephone, are you alive - lemon sun ep

**the knife - heartbeats - deep cuts
the lovemakers - we should be taking our clothes off - times of romance
**child bite - gash eyes - wild feast
**and you will know us by the trail of dead - sunken dreams - so divided
**the divine comedy - party fears two - victory for the comic muse
cat power - lived in bars - the greatest
**softlightes - girlkillsbear (lo-fi-fnk remix) - heart made of sound
the velvet teen - false profits - cum laude
vince guaraldi trio - the christmas song - a charlie brown christmas
**the fucking ocean - the first thing is first - le main rouge
**the evens - eventually - get evens
no knife - permanent for now - riot for romance