Thursday, December 30, 2010

playlist : december 30 : best of 2010

best of 2010...

tim kasher - cold love - the game of monogamy
revolver - get around town - music for a while
best coast - boyfriend - crazy for you
frankie rose and the outs - candy - frankie rose and the outs
surfer blood - swim - astro coast
wavves - super soaker - king beach
les savy fav - dear crutches - root for ruin
sleigh bells - kids - treats
active child - when your love is safe - curtis lane ep
blonde redhead - everything is wrong - penny sparkle
crocodiles - girl in black - sleep forever
mark lane - who's really listening - the minimal wave tapes v1

Thursday, December 23, 2010

happy holidays from the sound session

apologizes for not being on the air this week.

wishing everyone a happy and safe holiday season!

the sound session

Thursday, December 16, 2010

playlist : december 16 : space waves

the autumns - boy with aluminum stilts - in the russet gold of this vain hour
**blonde redhead - will there be stars - penny sparkle
my bloody valentine - cigarette in your bed - you made me realise
crystal stilts - spiral transit - alight of night
the ivy walls - clever words - the elegant universe
juliette commagere - the procession - the procession
**tamaryn - the waves - the waves
**the black ryder - what's forsaken - buy the ticket, take the ride
**crocodiles - billy speed - sleep forever
the raveonettes - the beat dies - lust lust lust
jesus and mary chain - lost star - hate rock n roll
**surfer blood - take it easy - kanine records sampler
**frankie rose and the outs - candy - frankie rose and the outs

space waves live set!!!

c is for carlo - satellite - c is for carlo
ride - dreams burn down - ox4 the best of ride
kitchens of distinction - prize - love is hell

space waves guest dj:
the black angels - bloodhounds on my trail - passover
houses - reds
my marathon - 559 pennsylvania - 7"
foxtail sommersault - sirens
swoon 23 - cellophane
twin sister - lady daydream
ruby suns - blue penguin

Thursday, December 09, 2010

playlist : december 9 : airlines

low - just like christmas - christmas
let's go sailing - icicles (plastic snow session) - plastic snow
melanoid - i'll be home for christmas -
the monolators - hot sleigh - plastic snow

**marnie stern - her confidence - marnie stern
the western states motel - country and western song - freeway freeway riverbed
**young the giant - apartment - young the giant

keepers of the sun - christopher robin -
**the posies - for the ashes - blood/candy
**dream diary - el lissitzky - kanine records sampler 2010
the ivy walls - the chase - the elegant universe
**tamaryn - choirs of winter - the waves
**the black ryder - all that we see - buy the ticket, take the ride
juliette commagere - glass - the procession

airlines guest DJ:
**freebass - kill switch pt 141 - its a beautiful lie
suicide -
warpaint - composure - the fool
captain beefheart -
tones on tail -
jammy smeers -

Thursday, December 02, 2010

playlist : december 2 : cameron ratati

the ivy walls - you say love - the elegant universe
the easies - peach of a gal - aspirin and bandaids (for steve in CHICAGO!)
**the concretes - my ways - wywh
the western states motel - country and western song - freeway freeway riverbed
**elliott smith - alameda - an introduction to... elliott smith
justin soileau - daisies and bones - justin soileau
gram rabbit - time of our lives - miracles and metaphors
the radio dept. - on your side - never follow suit ep
**tristeza - l'accident heureux - paisajes

cameron rafati xox half album + live acoustic set:
i'll promise you
3 days under water
53rd story

cameron rafati guest dj:
cat power - the greatest - the greatest
keren ann - que n'ai-je? - nolita
amos lee - seen it all before - amos lee

**sleepover - outside glitter - the sun ep
**eagle and talon - modified my knife - in manila
**warpaint - majesty - the fool
juliette commagere - impact - the procession
**pepper rabbit - none shall sleep - kanine records sampler 2010
**hotchacha - traffic - fantastic static
deathday party - water blackouts - ghost pains

Thursday, November 18, 2010

playlist : november 18 : preacher's sons

marnie stern - nothing left - marnie stern
the radio dept - never follow suit (radio edit) - never follow suit
juliette commagere - eats from the inside - the procession
justin soileau - kevorkian - justin soileau
gram rabbit - candy flip - miracles and metaphors
airlines - colors - colors (single)
**young the giant - my body - young the giant
**eternal summers - pogo - kanine records sampler
**eternal summers - dye - kanine records sampler
the kettle drivers - what a thrill - simpler times
the ivy walls - getaway driver - the elegant universe
northern sky - a knife and its entry - black box
deathday party - ghost pains - ghost pains ep

preacher's sons album preview + acoustic set!
listen to "looks like a flood, feels like a drought" here.

-poison oak
-space and time
-feels like a drought
-antidote (live)
-changed your name (live)
-free (live)
-white paint (live)
-worm food
-then it all went wrong
-looks like a flood

preacher’s sons guest DJ set:
francisco the man - young birds - with friends like you
son of heatwave - blood orange - beware of the red-eyed elk
the fling -
headphones - hello operator - headphones
damian jurado -
sun kil moon -
dr dog -

Thursday, November 11, 2010

playlist : november 11

**lily bee - days like these - daydream at midnight
**belle and sebastian - calculating bimbo - write about love
**revolver - a song she wrote - music for a while
**allo darlin' - heartbeat chilli - all darlin'
**gold motel - safe in la - summer house
jolie holland - stubborn beast - springtime can kill you (by request)
**noisettes - ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn't've) - 50 years of dr martens
**paul avion - stand up, be a man - ru with me
**the russian futurists - golden years - the weight's on the wheels
**the hundred in the hands - dressed in dresden - the hundred in the hands
**bikini - american mourning - ripjds
** lovers - peppermint - dark light
the kettle drivers - what a thrill - simpler times (by request)
**masonic - i won't back down - live like a millionaire
**pomegranates - 50s - one of us
**mini mansions - crime of the season - mini mansions
preacher's sons - space and time - looks like a flood, feels like a drought
preacher's sons - antidote - looks like a flood, feels like a drought
**the hours - see the light - it's not how you start, it's how you finish
**maserati - pyramid of the sun - pyramid of the sun
**grinderman - mickey mouse and the goodbye man - grinderman 2
deathday party - sister - ghost pains
**crocodiles - hearts of love - sleep forever
**zola jesus - sea talk - valusia
**warpaint - warpaint - the fool
adult. - plagued by fear - why bother?

Thursday, November 04, 2010

playlist : november 4 : the shape of the earth

catching up with... the shape of the earth!

grandchildren - anthill - everlasting
**frankie rose and the outs - lullabye for roads and miles - frankie rose and the outs
dark dark dark - right path - wild go
**tim kasher - cold love - the game of monogamy
marnie stern - risky biz - marnie stern
the ringers - hello my dear - headlocks and highkicks
gram rabbit - i rest my case - miracles and metaphors
deathday party - light fields - ghost pains ep
**tokyo police club - boots of danger (wait up) - champ
the national - all the wine - alligator
preacher's sons - lay down and die - looks like a flood, feels like a drought
roman williams and the prey - just like the movies - you are the prey
**les savy fav - clear spirits - root for ruin
matt and kim - daylight - grand
**ra ra riot - massachusetts - the orchard
**the walkman - torch song - lisbon
blackbird blackbird - sunspray - summer heart
**the harvey girls - a letter to the bees - i've been watching a lot of horror movies lately
**crocodiles - stoned to death - sleep forever

the shape of the earth
"the romantics" ep:
-someone like that
-you can only get so lonely
-not my type
-oh no/cause a scene
-oh, california

**wavves - super soaker - king of the beach
**sufjan stevens - too much - the age of adz
**superchunk - everything at once - majesty shredding
**the intelligence - white corvette - males

Thursday, October 28, 2010

playlist : october 28

skeletons are rad.

vince guaraldi (charlie brown) - great pumpkin waltz
the raveonettes - attack of the ghost riders - whip it on
the prids - not even sometimes - love zero
hexham heads - you make me feel like a ghost - you make me feel like a ghost (single)
ceremony - silhouette - rocket fire
deathday party - cold room - ghost pains
my bloody valentine - forever and again - this is your bloody valentine
the misfits - some kinda hate - legacy of brutality
the damned - i'm a burglar - sessions of the damned
the cramps - sheena's in a goth gang - big beat from badsville
mission of burma - that's when i reach for my revolver - signals calls and marches
black heart procession - tropics of love - amore del tropico
**grinderman - when my baby comes - grinderman 2
mister loveless - strange and futureless - the old pain
veil veil vanish - anthem for a doomed youth (gomorrah remix) - anthem for a doomed youth
the faint - the conductor (thin white duke remix) - danse macabre remixes

Thursday, October 21, 2010

playlist : october 21

the motel life - alva - retreat
**tim kasher - monogamy - the game of monogamy
**the walkmen - blue as your blood - lisbon
gram rabbit - destinies align - miracles and metaphors
marnie stern - for ash - on a tightrope

congrats to our seabear/grandchildren ticket winners!!!
grandchildren - ok i'm waiting - everlasting
seabear - fire dies down - we built a fire
grandchildren - saturn returns - everlasting
seabear - wooden teeth - we built a fire

**superchunk - fractures in plaster - majesty shredding
the shape of the earth - you can only get so lonely - the romantics ep
resa - see you soon - trying to leave
**azure ray - walking in circles - drawing down the moon
**three mile pilot - still alive - the inevitable past is the future forgotten

**no age - shed and transcend - everything in between
hexham heads - i make you feel like a ghost - you make me feel like a ghost
**the hundred in the hands - killing it - the hundred in the hands
the family shocks - happy pills -
**crocodiles - girl in black - sleep forever

**the raveonettes - i wanna be adored (stone roses cover) - 50 years of dr martens
**the duke spirit - if the kids are united (sham 69 cover) - 50 years of dr martens
**the harvey girls - monster - i've been watching a lof of horror movies lately
**grinderman - palaces of montezuma - grinderman 2

**frankie rose and the outs - memo - frankie rose and the outs
toby richardson - kin of all the moves - the stones and the rabbits ep
**nobunny - pretty little trouble - first blood

casxio - boiling point - friends vs lovers
sleigh bells - kids - treats

Thursday, October 14, 2010

playlist : october 14 : casxio

casxio album preview + guest dj:

glass candy - hurt - love love love ep
cristina - things fall apart - ze 30: 1979–2009
**chromeo - hot mess - business casual
love grenades - young lovers (sam sparro remix) - tigers in the fire remixes
**breakbot - baby i'm yours (la funk mob remix) - baby i’m yours remixes
chromatics - hands in the dark - after dark
radio 4 - boy meets girl - the new song and dance
**colourbox - breakdown - bustin' out: new wave to new beat v2
casxio - friends vs lovers - friends vs lovers
casxio - i just wanna have sex with you - friends vs lovers
casxio - street interlude - friends vs lovers

casxio - lose control - friends vs lovers
yellow alex and the feelings -
mylo - in my arms - destroy rock and roll
casxio - the way you make me feel - friends vs lovers
shawn shan -
casxio - seventeen - friends vs lovers
casxio - my book - friends vs lovers
casxio/love grenades - summer fun
hot chip - touch too much (fake blood remix) - hold on / touch too much remixes
the faint - i disappear - wet from birth
the movies -
the knife - heartbeats - deep cuts
casxio - counting squares - friends vs lovers
casxio - anticipation - friends vs lovers
ladyhawke - better than sunday - ladyhawke

more info:
casxio on FB
casxio on twitter

Thursday, October 07, 2010

playlist : october 7 : revolver from paris!

**the walkmen - victory - lisbon
**the intelligence - the universe - males
**les savy fav - dear crutches - root for ruin
**grinderman - heathen child - grinderman 2
mikey pauker - compass - sim shalom
**the black angels - haunting at 1300 mckinley - phosphene dream
**the vaselines - the devil's inside me - sex with an x

revolver’s music for a while played in it’s entirety!
birds in Dm
leave me alone
back to you
untitled #1
do you have a gun?
luke, mike and john
a song she wrote
you drove me home
get around town
untitled #2
it’s alright

revolver guest dj:
**the drums - let's go surfing - the drums
daniel johnston - some things last a long time - welcome to my world
the kills - getting down - midnight boom
sonic youth - little trouble girl - washing machine
department of eagles - in ear park - in ear park
franz schuburt -
op8 - crackin' water - slush
bonnie prince billy - wolf among wolves - summer in the southeast

**blonde redhead - love or prison - penny sparkle

more info:
revolver is one of kuci's featured bands this week!

and if you're going to CMJ, you can catch them at the hiro ballroom on 10/19 and at cake shop on 10/20!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

cameron rafati interview!

Cameron Rafati was kind enough to answer some questions for The Sound Session!

Introduce yourself: who are you, where are you from?
My name is Cameron Rafati. I am a singer songwriter/crossover electronic artist. I am originally from Salt Lake City, Utah.

How much does film (and living near Park City, Utah... the home of the Sundance Film Festival) inspire your music? Do you have a favorite film score?

Sundance Film Festival has been a massive help to my career. When I was nominated for best score in '08 I was still a Commercial Real Estate Broker in the Wells Fargo Building on MacArthur and Main in Irvine. I didn’t think about showing up to the ceremony because I thought the award and the pursuit of my dream was not “realistic.” When the Market crashed, I left and knew that was the time to get back into music. Since then I was an Official Artist of Sundance in '09 and was the guitarist this year for PRAS from Fugees as we rocked the Sundance Haiti Fundraiser.

Film has been such a huge influence on my sound because of all this and I am so grateful to be so connected to the festival. I think my favorite scores are Ennio Morricone's “The Good the Bad and the Ugly” and the whole soundtrack for “Last of the Mohicans.”

What have you been listening to lately?
Lately I have been listening to a lot to electronic music. After the popularity of my song “xOx” and after just releasing my new Remix Album, I'm realizing that this is the direction I want to go. It's fun and it fits me more. I'm tired of being another Jack Johnson or Jason Mraz. My voice is loud, I’m 6’6 and I’m a little more flashy and passionate than that genre.

What band/musician, dead or alive, you would love to play with?
I want to one day work with Danger Mouse and Damon Albarn of GORILLAZ. U2, Radiohead and Coldplay are also my heroes. I did get a chance to jam with Hanson [the other] night as I opened for them in Salt Lake and as cheesy as people think they are I was really in the presence of greatness.

Do you have a favorite guilty pleasure band/artist?
HAHAHAHA Celine Dion. I love her song called “I’m Alive.” Sometimes I dance around the house in the morning in my boxers singing it at the top of my lungs.

Monday, October 04, 2010

quote of the week:
to geek is to love.
to be hipster is to hate.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

playlist : september 30

**azure ray - signs in the leaves - drawing down the moon
cameron rafati - 53rd story - xox half album
resa - the miles between - trying to leave
**blonde redhead - black guitar - penny sparkle
**dead leaf echo - half-truth - truth
preacher's sons - free - looks like a flood, feels like a drought
dark dark dark - celebrate - wild go
**tim kasher - cold love - the game of monogamy
hooray for earth - surrounded by your friends -
grandchildren - toss and turn - everlasting
seabear - softship - we built a fire
**the vaselines - mouth to mouth - sex with an x
**the intelligence - chateau bandit - males
**nobunny - gone for good - first blood
**les savy fav - lips n stuff - root for ruin
**les savy fav - high and unhinged - root for ruin
**no age - fever dreaming - everything in between
**the black angels - yellow elevator #2 - phosphene dream
**crocodiles - all my hate and hexes are for you - sleep forever
suicide - dream baby dream - ze 30
hexham heads - you make me feel like a ghost - mirror mirror
helluvah - patriarkill -
gram rabbit - hyena - miracles and metaphors
**the walkmen - angela surf city - lisbon
**frankie rose and the outs - don't tred - frankie rose and the outs
i love you but i've chosen darkness - when you go out - i love you but i've chosen darkness
**casxio - lose control - friends vs lovers
**!!! - jamie, my intentions are bass - strange weather, isn't it?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

playlist : september 23

special thanks to steve for being a great co-host over the past several months - you will be missed!!!

**of montreal - around the way - false priest

**superchunk - crossed wires - majesty shredding
revolver - get around town - music for a while
ghost lobby - fractured - march
**azure ray - shouldn't have loved - drawing down the moon
tim kasher - strays - the game of monogamy
**the black angels - entrance song - phosphene dream
black rebel motorcycle club - we're all in love - take them on, on your own
spinnerette - valium knights - valium knights
jaguar love - highways of love - jaguar love
soulwax - krack - any minute now
ear pwr -
diamonds liquor leather - super animal brothers iii
ladytron - seventeen (soulwax remix)
casxio - counting squares - friends vs lovers
hot chip - over and over (album version) - over and over remixes
high contrast - global love - true colors
**!!! - steady as the sidewalk cracks - strange weather, isn't it?
animal collective - peacebone - peacebone
active child - she was a vision (radio edit) - curtis lane
school of seven bells - chain - alpinisms
**film school - heart full of pentagons - fission
**blonde redhead - my plants are dead - penny sparkle
the xx - crystalised - the xx
the deadly snakes - closed casket - ode to joy
**crocodiles - hollow hollow eyes - sleep forever
the intelligence - estate sales - males
**frankie rose and the outs - that's what people told me - frankie rose and the outs
**the vaselines - sex with an x - sex with an x
**the rebel set - black suit, black heart - poison arrow

Thursday, September 16, 2010

playlist : september 16 : another perfect crime

resa - hold steady - trying to leave
vincent minor - the trap - vincent minor
evaline - patterned - patterned ep
the intelligence - like like like like like like like - males
son of heatwave - amy's song - beware of the red-eyed elk
preacher's sons - poison oak - looks like a flood, feels like a drought
**azure ray - don't leave my mind - drawing down the moon

another perfect crime - 95% - get out!
another perfect crime - your voice - get out!
another perfect crime - a warning for marion crane - get out!

another perfect crime acoustic set!

another perfect crime guest dj:
danielli - delivering your frequency - danielli
elba - minnesota - don't be discouraged, little sparrow
elba - safety in numbers - don't be discouraged, little sparrow
the sound of speed - postpunk - light
ghost lobby - my secret spy novel - march
le tigre - eau d'bedroom dancing - le tigre
the quit - captains of industry - stars invisible by day
sleater-kinney - burn don't freeze - the hot rock
she's your sister - sweet sorrow - onetwothreefour
buzzing silence - love is just a game
sleater-kinney - ironclad - all hands on the bad one
another perfect crime - ich bin ein berliner - get out!
**frankie rose and the outs - candy - frankie rose and the outs
bikini kill - reject all american - reject all american
another perfect crime - paris - get out!
cober - no. 8 - the western cutter

Sunday, September 12, 2010

evaline interview!

The EVALINE guys took some time out to chat with us during their recent tour.

Rita: Give the KUCI audience a little background info on who you are, where you’re from, etc...

Evaline: We are a band from a small town about a half hour east of the San Francisco bay area. There wasn't much to do while we were younger so we started this band. As we grew up we started taking it a bit more seriously and we figured we could do this instead of joining the every day workforce. Here we are now touring the country and looking to release our first full length album sometime next year.

Rita: You’ve been on tour with Apocalyptica and Dir En Grey for the past few weeks, and will be touring with Placebo later this month. All three bands are based outside of the US. Has that influenced your international presence and/or fan base?

Evaline: Time will only tell with that, but the responses have been overwhelmingly good. We think as things progress, being an international band is not too far out of reach. We have just been thankful for the opportunities we have been given and we are making the most of it.

Rita: What have you been listening to while on tour?

Evaline: Black keys, Elbow, Cherry Ghost, Dredg, Gringos Locos and the new Eminem records seem to be the van favorites. But depending on who is driving it can be anything from classical to hip hop to rock to country. There is a pretty diverse taste between us all.

Rita: What was the first concert you ever went to?

Evaline: That's a different story for everyone but a couple saw Third Eye Blind and even heard Dominic went to a Backstreet Boys show.

Rita: Without thinking too much, what’s your favorite guilty pleasure band/artist and why?

Evaline: The consensus was R Kelly but we really see no shame in that. If you like it, you shouldn't feel guilty about what you dig on.

Thursday, September 09, 2010

playlist : september 9

**dead models - little thoughts - dead models ep
**darker my love - dear author - alive as you are
**wake up lucid - e minor - love alive people
**gifts from enola - lionized - gifts from enola
evaline - hours - patterned ep
**les vinyl - graveyard - bright gray
**miniature tigers - bullfighter jacket - fortress
**social studies - run with fever - wind up wooden heart
**land of talk - quarry hymns - cloak and cipher (by request for tan, our awesome music director!)
school of seven bells - wired for light - alpinisms
active child - i'm in your church at night - curtis lane ep
**beak> - pill - beak>
**autolux - spots - transit transit
**film school - meet around 10 - fission
**tears run rings - forgotten - distance
my bloody valentine - thorn - you made me realise
**ra ra riot - foolish - the orchard
**the drums - i need fun in my life - the drums
**your youth - diamond - aloha
**best coast - the end - crazy for you (by request for jeff and kam!)
the clean - thumbs off - anthology (by request for jeff and kam!)
**ceo - come with me - white magic
**blue sky black death - threads of gold - third party
**!!! - am/fm - strange weather, isn't it?
**sleigh bells - treats - treats

Thursday, September 02, 2010

playlist : september 2

**best coast – the end – crazy for you
**the drums – skippin town – the drums
**dreamend – where you belong – so i ate myself, bite by bite
**les vinyl – pix – bright gray
**wake up lucid – other side of the road – look alive people
**the books – free translator – the way out
cameron rafati – i'll promise you (when in rome cover) – xox half album
the easies – peach of a gal –
matt and kim – daylight – grand
**faded paper figures – limelight – new medium
deerhoof – milk man – milk man
**!!! – hollow – strange weather, isn’t it?
**sleigh bells – riot rhythm – treats
**ceo – no mercy – white magic
vincent minor – late night show – vincent minor
preacher’s sons – then it all went wrong – looks like a flood, feels like a drought
azure ray – on and on again – drawing down the moon
**autolux – the science of imaginary solutions – transit transit
**film school – time to listen – fission
**blue sky black death – slow years – third party
**beak> – i know – beak>
**shriekback – my spine is the bassline – bustin' out: new wave to new beat, v2
animal collective – peacebone – strawberry jam
my awesome mixtape – day after day –
summer cats – hey you – songs for tuesdays
**your youth – small sparks – aloha
archie bronson outfit – cherry lips – derdang derdang
ocdj – what's good –
the xx – vcr – the xx
evaline – beneath the fire – patterned ep

Thursday, August 26, 2010

playlist : august 26 : son of heatwave

**best coast - each and everyday - crazy for you
the clouds - carry my mind - llorona ep
**social studies - time bandit - wind up wooden heart
**ceo - love and do what you will - white magic
**wavves - baseball cards - king of the beach
**sleigh bells - rill rill - treats
**dead models - tonight - dead models
spirit animal - scars - the cost of living
**someone still loves you boris yeltsin - in pairs - let it sway
tigers jaw - jet alone - balance and composure/tigers jaw split
**tears run rings - reunion - distance

**blue sky black death - call to arms - third party

son of heatwave live set!

son of heatwave - college (by request for liz)
son of heatwave - the smaller sword - beware of the red-eyed elk
son of heatwave - the "is" in christmas - beware of the red-eyed elk
son of heatwave - blood orange - beware of the red-eyed elk

son of heatwave guest dj:
preacher's son - antidote
light music - mercury
slings - gold teeth - the old hopeful trail
all night radio - sad k - spirit stereo frequency
preacher's son - space and time
the microphones - i want wind to blow - the glow pt 2
real estate - fake blues - real estate
**light pollution - oh, ivory! - apparitions
avenue of the giants - dancing in unison -

son of heatwave - moth - beware of the red-eyed elk
son of heatwave - the red-eyed elk - beware of the red-eyed elk

Thursday, August 19, 2010

playlist : august 19

**tender trap - grand national - dansette dansette
**wavves - baby say goodbye - king of the beach
**best coast - bratty b - crazy for you
**bare wires - if its over - seeking love
**social studies - we choose our own adventures - wind up wooden heart
**miniature tigers - tropical birds - fortress
**active child - weight of the world - curtis lane ep
**foals - alabaster - total life forever
**gifts from enola - rearview - gifts from enola
**autolux - kissproof - transit transit
beach fossils - vacation - (by request!)
evaline - hours - patterned ep
**darker my love - trail the line - alive as you are
**the books - chain of missing links - the way out

jeff the brotherhood - u got the look - heavy days (by request!)
son of heatwave - i am a june bug, i am a crayon - beware of the red-eyed elk

Thursday, August 12, 2010

playlist : august 13

special thanks to kevin and ziba for hanging out tonight!

the clouds - apples - llorona
wait. think. fast. - covina park - luces del sur
**best coast - summer mood - crazy for you
**tender trap - danger overboard - dansette dansette
son of heatwave - the red eyed elk - beware of the red eyed elk
**may mcdonough - riverside - spilt milk
fugazi - and the same - 13 songs
balance and composure - rope - balance and composure/tigers jaw split
**the get up kids - tommy gentle - simple science
**wake up lucid - words - loke alive people

the soft pack - answer to yourself - the soft pack
autolux - here comes everybody - future perfect
owls - everyone is my friend - owls
maritime - no one will remember you tonight - we the vehicles
harlem - someday soon - hippies
wilco - i'm always in love - summerteeth
owen - abandoned bridges - abandoned bridges ep
atlas sound - walkabout - logos
panda bear - bros - person pitch
cut copy - lights and magic - in ghost colours

**miss tk and the revenge - red lites - the ocean likes to party too
**foals - miami - total life forever
minus the bear - knights - planet of ice
kind of like spitting - passionate - bridges worth burning
the good life - album of the year - album of the year
friction - auburn - hours of operation
dismemberment plan - crush (jennifer page cover) - juno/dismemberment plan split

Thursday, August 05, 2010

playlist : august 5 : boris smile

ear pwr - sparkley sweater - super animal brothers iii
ear pwr - cats is people, too - super animal brothers iii
**the books - the story of hip hop - the way out
**tokyo police club - big difference - champ
**born ruffians - blood, the sun and water - say it
**dead models - step aside - dead models ep
**the drums - me and the moon - the drums
**tender trap - 2 to the n - dansette dansette
**bare wires - the last thing on my mind - seeking love
**ariel pink's haunted graffiti - menopause man - before today

boris smile - aurora - rockets ep
boris smile - apollo - rockets ep
boris smile - when we found the truth - young and it feels so good
boris smile - leper king - young and it feels so good
boris smile - beartooth - young and it feels so good

boris smile acoustic set!

boris smile guest dj:
animal collective - my girls - merriweather post pavillion
broken social scene - 7/4 (shoreline) - broken social scene
the mae shi - run to your grave - hllyh
rosie thomas - say hello - these friends of mine
**school of seven bells - windstorm - disconnect from desire
the french kicks - trial of the century - trial of the century
pedro the lion - letter from a concerned follower - the only reason i feel secure
fielding - big surprise - fielding

fannypack - cameltoe - so stylistic
q and not u - soft pyramids - on play patterns
the knife - heartbeats - deep cuts

more info:

Thursday, July 29, 2010

playlist : july 29

**the books - i am who i am - the way out
**born ruffians - higher and higher - say it
wait. think. fast. - bad night - luces del sur
**rickolus - photographs - youngster
**to rococo rot - bells - speculation
**mahjongg - la beat - the long shadow of the paper tiger
neon indian - terminally chill - (by request!)
**ariel pink's haunted graffiti - beverly kills - before today
**french quarter - where i'm from - it's not just kissing
son of heatwave -
i am a june bug, i am a crayon - beware of the red-eyed elk
**wavves - super soaker - king beach
**tender trap - fireworks - dansette dansette
**bare wires - romantic girl - seeking love

**here we go magic - casual - pigeons
boris smile - apollo - rockets ep
boris smile - aurora - rockets ep
**light pollution - ssslowdreamsss - apparitions
**school of seven bells - dial - disconnect from desire
**autolux - census - transit transit
sonic youth - blink - the destroyed room
mister loveless - hidden just enough - three words ep
**nice nice - a way we glow - extra wow
**sleigh bells - riot rhythm - treats
**tokyo police club - boots of danger (wait up) - champ
tigers jaw - jet alone -
balance and composure/tigers jaw split
spirit animal - we talk fine - the cost of living ep
**faded paper figures - you know what i mean - new medium
**miss tk and the revenge - cities on the beach - the ocean likes to party too

Thursday, July 22, 2010

playlist : july 22 : LAB summer music preview

balance and composure - burden - balance and composure/tigers jaw split
**the nails - fiction - hotel for women
**the angry orts - no more - the angry orts
spirit animal - roman holiday - the cost of living
**faded paper figures - small talk - new medium

mary and rian guest dj:
brian eno - another green world - another green world
the walkman - stranded - lisbon
the lightfm - thrift store clothes - let there be lightfm
the union line - strangers - the union line
st vincent - actor out of work - actor

rumspringa - queer eyed boy - sway
foreign born - early warnings - person to person
wet and reckless - your song - maiden album
we barbarians - progress as promised - progress as promised

beach house - take care - teen dream
crocodiles - summer of hate - summer of hate
useless keys - kamikaze - 7"
king khan and the shrines - welfare bread - the supreme genius of king khan and the shrines

voxhaul broadcast - fact or fiction - fact fiction and turquoise
suckers - easy chairs - suckers
modern time machines - dweeb - modern time machines
wait. think. fast. - look alive - luces del sur
here we go magic - tunnelvision - here we go music

panda bear - take pills - person pitch
twilight sleep - broken record - race to the bottom of the sea
red cortez - inglewood - red cortez
monsters of folk - say please - monsters of folk
vanaprasta - color of sin - forming the shapes ep
mississippi man - mountain - a-ok

more info:

Thursday, July 15, 2010

playlist : july 15

the lucksmiths - t shirt weather - where were we?
**french quarter - neighbors in the bedroom - it's not just kissing
**dragons power up! - where do you go? - brace for the bloom
**magic bullets - sigh the day away - magic bullets
astra heights - the featherweight - ship of theseus

the stone foxes - i killed robert johnson - bears and bulls
**carnivores - heart of copper - all night dead usa
**tokyo police club - end of the spark - champ
**the poison control center - calling card - sad sour future

**cate le bon - sad sad feet - me oh my
**big whup - cover my eyes (mouth side) - 7"
son of heatwave - blood orange - beware the red-eyed elk
son of heatwave - college - beware the red-eyed elk
two gallants - two days short tomorrow - the throes
**to rococo rot - working against time - speculation

**ear pwr - future eyes - super animal brothers iii
**sleigh bells - a/b machines - treats
**new young pony club - chaos - the optimist
**miss tk and the revenge - just wanna dance - the ocean likes to party too
**solvent - life size image - subject to shift
chromatics - night drive - night drive

**school of seven bells - dust devil - disconnect from desire
**the dear and departed - tambourine love - chapters
pop levi - hades' lady - the return to form black magick party
**the nails - lost causes - hotel for women

**holy fuck - stilettos - latin

tortoise - monica (for the lovers) - standards
the sea and cake - all the photos - oui

Thursday, July 08, 2010

playlist : july 8

**french quarter - bold with fire part 2 - it's not just kissing
**cate le bon - eyes so bright - me oh my
**the joy formidable - 9969 - a balloon called moaning
venus infers - older (acoustic version) - "bsides"
**may mcdonough - mamma drain the bathtub - split milk
**moses campbell - saturday - who are you? who is anyone?
the stone foxes - patience - bears and bulls
**broken social scene - world sick - forgiveness rock record
astra heights - i'm scared - ship of theseus
**magic bullets - china beach - magic bullets
**stars - how much more - the five ghosts
**the dear and departed - matter of time - chapters ep
**the nails - cutting edge - hotel for women (1981)
**mantler - fresh and fair - monody
**tender trap - girls with guns - dansette dansette
dum dum girls - yours alone - i will be
**male bonding - t.u.f.f. - nothing hurts
crocodiles - i wanna kill - summer of hate
jesus and mary chain - surfin' usa - barbed wire kisses
**caribou - leave house - swim
**casiokids - verdens storste land - topp stemning pa lokal bar
colder - to the music - (by request!)
music for animals - nervous in new york (sugar and gold remix) - if looks could kill ep
**sleigh bells - run the heart - treats
**active child - i'm in your church at night - curtis lane
**foals - this orient - total life forever
the family shocks - happy pills - (by request!)

congrats to our ticket winners tonight!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

playlist : july 1 : fluxclub DJs

mister loveless - from burning bridges - three words ep
**magic bullets - a day not so far off - magic bullets
crystal stilts - prismatic room - alight of night
my bloody valentine - don't cramp my style - this is your bloody valentine
**the fall - cowboy george - your future our clutter

FLUXCLUB radio destruction part ii

neu! - negativeland - neu!
tara cross - hotel midnite - limelight
the notwist - day 7 - shrink
letting up despite great faults - our younger noise - letting up despite great faults
mars - helen fordsdale - no new york (1978)
grace jones - this is - hurricane
futurisk - army now - army now, the sound of futurism
trans am - television eyes - futureworld
einst├╝rzende neubauten - was ist ist - ende neu
redd kross - cease to exist - born innocent

motorama - normandy - horse ep
former ghosts - flowers - fleurs
sasscer park - alive in the technosphere -
profil -
the prids - the problem - love zero
**veil veil vanish - exile city - change in the neon light
desire - under your spell - desire
the blitz - flowers and fire - second empire justice
max ritcher - infra 4 - infra
**linear movement - way out of living - the minimal wave tapes v.1
for against - sabres - december

Saturday, June 26, 2010

playlist : june 26 : play it as it lays

the moog - lost day - razzmatazz orfeum
open hand - the hand - honey
sleater kinney - all hands on the bad one - all hands on the bad one
**trash monsters - roads in between us - trash monsters
**the get up kids - your petty pretty things - simple science ep
**the national - afraid of everyone - high violet
astra heights - lonely life - ship of theseus
**magic bullets - lying around - magic bullets
**ty segall - sad fuzz - melted
dan mangan - pine for cedars - nice, nice, very nice
**the black keys - howlin for you - brothers
the stone foxes - stomp - bears and bulls
black rebel motorcycle club - american x - baby 81
sonic youth - nevermind (what was it anyway) - nyc ghosts and flowers
wire - a touching display - 154
**manual - blood run - drowned in light
**ariel pink's haunted graffiti - can't hear my eyes - before today
**the joy formidable - ostrich - a balloon called moaning
**the splinters - cool - kick
vivian girls - no - vivian girls
buzzcocks - everybody's happy nowadays - operators manual
**small black - pleasant experience - small black ep
**caribou - odessa - swim
active child - when your love is safe - curtis lane ep
music for animals - nervous in new york (sugar and gold remix)
**sleigh bells - kids - treats
**veil veil vanish - change in the neon light - change in the neon light

Thursday, June 24, 2010

playlist : june 24

**dash jacket - summers spent elsewhere - romance
the stone foxes - passenger train - bears and bulls
**ariel pink's haunted graffiti - round and round - before today
broadcast - poem of dead song - extended play two
letting up despite great faults - the colors aren't you or me - letting up despite great faults
the big pink - tonight - a brief history of love
a place to bury strangers - missing you - a place to bury strangers
useless keys - white noise - useless keys ep
**veil veil vanish - detachment - change in the neon light
mister loveless - strange and futureless - three words ep
music for animals - the quiet one - if looks could kill
archie bronson outfit - shark's tooth - coconut (by request for steve)
active child - she was a vision (radio edit) - curtis lane
**das ding - reassurance ritual - the minimal wave tapes v.1 (it skipped, but it's awesome... seek it out!)
**casiokids - en ville hest - topp stemming pa lokal bar
a certain ratio - knife slits water - early
rainbow arabia - haunted hall - kabukuaono
delta 5 - circuit - singles and session 79-81
teenage jesus and the jerks - i woke up dreaming - everything
clinic - come into our room - come into our room [single]
the buzzcocks - innocent - trade test transmissions
television - beauty trip - television
**the fall - mexico wax solvent - your future our clutter
astra heights - infinite line - ship of theseus
the stills - lola stars and stripes - logic will break your heart
**ratatat - sunblocks - lp4

Thursday, June 17, 2010

playlist : june 17

**ariel pink's haunted graffiti - fright night - before today
**the morning benders - wet cement - big echo
heavy young heathens - make room for the youth - make room for the youth
french kicks - when you heard you - one time bells
the moog - can't say no, can't say yes - razzamatazz orfeum
dan mangan - sold - nice nice very nice
clem snide - now the moment's gone - moment in the sun ep (by request!)
**broken social scene - sentimental x's - forgiveness rock record
**stars - i died so i could haunt you - the five ghosts
mates of state - i know, and i said forget it - our constant concern
**ratatat - neckbrace - lp4
fujiya and miyagi - collarbone - transparent things
fannypack - so stylistic - so stylistic
**love is all - never now - two thousand and ten injuries
minus the bear - let's play clowns - they make beer commericals like this
**magic bullets - pretend and descend - magic bullets ep
mister loveless - hidden just enough - three words ep
**the depreciation guild - november - spirit youth
the pains of being pure of heart - say no to love - say no to love ep
trashcan sinatras - earlies - in the music
british india - beneath the satellites - beneath the satellites [single]
venus infers - this mockingbird (won't sing for free) - you'll understand when you're older
**the blank tapes - flashback - home away from home
**dash jacket - till dawn - romance
astra heights - bang bang bang - ship of theseus
music for animals - nervous in new york - if looks could kill
**hotels - leilani (nite club remix) - the heart that hears like a bat

Thursday, June 10, 2010

playlist : june 10 : venus infers

music for animals - strangers die alone - if looks could kill
open hand - risky - honey
the moog - joyclad armies - razzmatazz orfeum
astra heights - the push - ship of theseus
trashcan sintaras - weightlifting (live) - in the music
the pains of being pure at heart - lost saint - say no to love 7"
mister loveless - the old pain - three words ep
pinback - byzantine - nautical antiques

davis of venus infers loves shoegaze music...
slowdive - when the sun hits - souvlaki
jesus and mary chain - sidewalking - barbed wire kisses
my bloody valentine - glider - glider ep
ride - vapour trail - ox4: the best of ride
**ceremony - marianne - rocket fire
the raveonettes - last dance - in and out of control

debut of the new venus infers record!!!
-this mockingbird
-goodbye horses (garvey cover)
-some guys like girls more than other do
-some things are better the way they're remembered
-if only
-caspar (daniel johnston cover)

Thursday, June 03, 2010

playlist : june 3 : mister loveless

**love is all - again again - two thousand and ten injuries
**the joy formidable - austere - a ballon called moaning
the real tuesday weld - the days of you and me - l'amour et la morte (by request!)
the pains of being pure at heart - say no to love - say no to love 7"
**the depreciation guild - dream about me - spirit youth
blue jungle - bombay sapphire - baby don't cry 12"
**manual - afterimages - drowned in light

mister loveless three words ep!!!
the old pain
from burning bridges
what people do
strange and futureless
hidden just enough
old pain reprise

**ceremony - regret - rocket fire
vivien goldman - laundrette - disco not disco 3

mister loveless acoustic set!!!

**crash course in science - flying turns - the minimal wave tapes v.1
blonde redhead - en particular - melodie citronique

mister loveless guest dj:
cocteau twins - heaven or las vegas - heaven or las vegas
**the fall - weather report 2 - your future our clutter
marmoset - friendamine - record in red
fugazi - i'm so tired - instrument
**the national - england - high violet
swervedriver - last train to satansville - mezcal head
autolux - capital kind of strain - future perfect
daniel johnston - true love will find you in the end - welcome to my world

special thanks to ziba z for making this night great!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

playlist : may 27 : chicago edition

thanks to steve for guest DJing...

dan mangan - some people - nice, nice, very nice
trashcan sinatras - prisons - in the music
**the national - little faith - high violet
the moog - self and soul - razzmatazz orfeum
**the bird and the bee - maneater - interpreting the masters: a tribute to hall and oates

**solid gold - danger zone (top gun cover) - synchronize ep
detroit cobras - the slum - mink rat or rabbit
archie bronson outfit - dart for my sweetheart - derdang derdang
heavy young heathens - shine - make room for the youth ep
spinnerette - valium knights - valium knights
the duke spirit - red weather - cuts across the land
xploding plastix - treat me mean, i need the reputation
**sugar and gold - stay soft - get wet!
love is all - ageing has never been his friend - nine times that same song
ladyhawke - better than sunday - ladyhawke
**yeasayer - mondegreen - odd blood
edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros - home - up from below
i'm from barcelona - treehouse - i'm from barcelona (by request for perry!)
12th planet and juakali - reasons (doctor p remix) - SMOG sampler
kraftwerk - chrono - tour de france
infected mushroom - cities of the future (by request!)
css - let's make love and listen to death from above - 12" single diplo remix
new young pony club - ice cream (van she remix) - fantastic playroom
death from above 1979 - sexy results (mstrkrft remix) - romance bloody romance
mister loveless - from burning bridges - three words ep

Thursday, May 20, 2010

playlist : may 20 : heavy young heathens

sleater kinney - words and guitar - dig me out
pavement - cut your hair - quarantine the past

the helio sequence - repeater - love and distance
trashcan sinatras - easy on the eye - in the music

heavy young heathens
"make room for the youth" EP preview:
like a serenade
she thinks she knows
make room for the youth
daylight breaks

heavy young heathens guest DJ:
kasabian - vlad the impaler - the west ryder pauper lunatic asylum
death from above 1979 - blood on our hands - you're a woman, i'm a machine
the kills - getting down - midnight boom
beach house - zebra - teen dream
sea wolf - you're a wolf - leaves in the river
the rosewood thieves - los angeles - from the decker house
empire of the sun - walking on a dream - walking on a dream
waylon jennings - honky tonk heroes - honky tonk heroes
hank williams jr - the conversation - whiskey bent and hell bound
loretta lynn and conway twitty - you're the reason our kids are ugly
red red meat -
ween - buenas tardes amigo - chocolate and cheese
black rebel motorcycle club - stop - take them on, on their own
the simpsons - flaming moe's
jack black y mucho macho - forbidden nectar
royal trux - don't try too hard - sweet sixteen

if you liked tonight's show, you can download HYHs new EP for free here:

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

playlist: may 19 : subbing bunnies in space

ziba and i subbed bunnies in space tonight!
here's the playlist:

heavenly - space manatee
surfer blood - swim (new)*
belle and sebastian - like dylan in the movies (BBC sessions)
the bird and the bee - i can't go for that (hall and oates cover) (new)*
lali puna - together in electric dreams (human league cover)
coco rosie - fairy paradise (new)*
crystal skulls - the cosmic door
we were promised jetpacks - quiet little voices (for noel)
ted leo and the pharmacists - one polaroid a day (new)*
local natives - wide eyes (new)*

chicago set:
braid - killing a camera
the sea and cake - two dolphins
the sea and cake - crossing line
rainer maria - artificial light
sam prekop - the company
geoff farina - olive or otherwise
karate - airport
tortoise - six pack

les savy fav - hello halo, goodbye glands
hey mercedes - every turn
moses campbell - fights and clubs (new)*
american analog set - choir vandals
horse feathers - as a ghost (new)*
junior boys - in the morning (request for michael)
erlend oye/morgan geist - lullaby/a place in my heart
dntel ft mia doi todd - anywhere anyone
hope sandoval - on the low
midnight movies - love or a lesson

Thursday, May 13, 2010

playlist : may 13 : fluxclub DJs

**black tambourine - for ex lovers only (first demo) - black tambourine
gang of four - guns before butter - the peel sessions
mission of burma - red - the definitive editions
**the fall - bury pts 1 + 3 - your future our clutter
**manual - morning glass 1982 - drowned in light
a place to bury strangers - the falling sun - a place to bury strangers
**ceremony - breaking up - rocket fire
**veil veil vanish - this is violet - change in the neon light
jesus and mary chain - hit - barbed wire kisses

FLUXCLUB dj set!

post-punk radio destruction

neu! - negativeland
crass - mother earth
former ghosts - in earth's palm
afrodisia città libera - stati d'ansia
the misfits - cough/cool
pierre schaeffer - etude aux chemins de fer
dark day - hands in the dark
scortilla - fahrenheit 451
hert eimertn - klangstudie II
micron 63 - repeat sick repeat
days of sorrow - i travel
nine circles - twinkling stars
iron curtain - shadow
xeno & oaklander - shadow world
steve reich - come out
automelodi - schema corporel
death in june - fields
sprung aus den wolken - leidenschaftlich
above the ruins - progress
cold cave - sex ads
crystal castles - doe dear
ministry - burning inside
lydia lunch - dance of the dead children

Thursday, May 06, 2010

playlist : may 6

**delta spirit - salt in the wound - history from below
the vacuum bell - the letter (the box tops cover) - recorded especially for the sound session, thank you so much will!
**avi buffalo - remember last time - avi buffalo

**local natives - wide eyes - gorilla manor
graydon - anytime at all - graydon
nigel wilson - part two - anybody else
fielding - it's not safe - the voice of us

heavy young heathens - she thinks she knows - make room for the youth ep
the moog - when i see you - razzmatazz orfeum
**the wave pictures - bumble bee - if you leave it alone

congrats to our minus the bear / the shout out louds ticket winners!!!
minus the bear - monkey!!! knife!!! fight!!! - highly refined pirates
the shout out louds - impossible - our ill wills

**ted leo and the pharmacists - woke up near chelsea - the brutalist bricks
**love is all - take your time - two thousand and ten injuries
**surfer blood - fast jabroni - astro coast
special patrol group - august and still unaware - ...completes one task
**drink up buttercup - even think - born and thrown on a hook

**walking sleep - let it go on - measures
**the fall - funnel of love - your future our clutter
mister loveless - strange and futureless - three words ep
**oppenheimer analysis - radiance - the minimal wave tapes vol.1
**hot chip - one life stand (drums of death remix) - one life stand remixes

the meeting places - same lies as yesterday - the meeting places

Thursday, April 29, 2010

playlist : april 29 : KUCI fund drive!

the (almost) all vinyl edition...

the monolators - at the top of the stairs - you look good on the train 10”
the evaporators - the bombs in my pants - a wild pair 7" (split w/ andrew wk)
japandroids - racer x - art czars 7"
talbot tagora - black diamond - abstract distractions 10" (split w/ biopolar bear)
pregnant - someone's going to love you - ike wimin 12"
blessure grave - in the first place - in the first place 7"
blessure grave - take it to your grave - making the death beds for teenage vampires 7"
blue jungle - here we go again - baby don't cry 12"
vivian girls - wild eyes - vivian girls 12"
james chance and the blacks - contort yourself - off white 12"
mister loveless - in wonder - in wonder 7"
dragon turtle - spill out the night - dragon turtle 12" (split w/ goodnight stars goodnight air) (for licole!)
dj shadow - six days (radio edit) - six days 12"
weave! - mouthpiece hysteria - weave! 12"
slits - typical girls - cut 12"
gang of four - i love a man in uniform - songs of the free 12"
mission of burma - this is not a photograph - signals, calls and marches 12"
dntel ft jenny lewis - roll on - dumb luck (by request from jenn to brett)
black angels - black grease - passover
heavy young heathens - sha la la la - heavy young heathens 12"
the xx - crystalised - the xx
graydon - anytime - graydon
boris smile - adventures with rockets (revisted) - rockets ep
matt and kim - no more long years - matt and kim
jaguar love - highways of gold - jaguar love

Thursday, April 22, 2010

playlist : april 22 : KUCI fund drive!

in honor of the KUCI fund drive, tonight's show was all cover songs!

mates of state - starman (david bowie) - all day ep
stars - this charming man (the smiths) - nightsongs
ben lee - in my life (beatles) - this bird has flown: 40th anniversary tribute to rubber soul

calvin johnson - sorry entertainer (daniel johnston) - the late great daniel johnston: discovered covered

yo la tengo - somebody's baby (jackson browne) - genius + love = yo la tengo

built to spill - freebird (lynard skynyrd) - [single, live non-album track]
still standing - blister in the sun (violent femmes) - blister ep
the rondelles - like a prayer (madonna) - shined nickels and loose change

the dismemberment plan - crush (jennifer page) - the dismemberment plan/juno [split]
andy clockwise - hyperballad (bjork) - are you well? ep
schneider tm - the light 3000 (the smiths) - 6 peace ep
these bones - toxic (britney spears) - the sound of young new york and toronto

the bad plus - heart of glass (blondie) - these are the vistas
nouvelle vague - shack up (a certain ratio) - bande a part
nouvelle vague - our lips are sealed (the go-gos) - nv3
ivy - let's go to bed (the cure) - guestroom

the get up kids - regret (new order) - eudora
dinosaur jr - just like heaven (the cure) - duck and cover
**black tambourine - dream baby dream (suicide) - black tambourine
stationary odyssey - dirty boots (sonic youth) - confuse yr idols: a tribute to sonic youth
low - transmission (joy division) - transmission ep

xiu xiu - ceremony (joy division) - chapel of the chimes ep
the ex-lion tamers - on returning (wire) - whore: tribute to wire
dykehouse - map ref. 41 n 93 w (wire) - idol tryouts
strange boutique - heroes (david bowie) - the collection: 1988-1994

special all vinyl show next week, make requests!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

playlist : april 15 : nigel a wilson

belle and sebastian - this is just a modern rock song - push barman to open old wounds
television personalities - part time punks - darling, but is it art? (request)
the vacuum bell -
boris smile - satellites - rockets ep
asobi seksu - glacially - hush
fielding - step back - the voice of us
surfer blood - harmonix - astro coast

nigel a wilson

"anybody else" album preview
part one (live)
part two
and you thought about him (live)
porcelain pieces
the way you look this evening (live)
what did you expect
too much of a good thing
the nightmare is never ending
peaceful silence
a sterile world (live)

still standing - blister in the sun - blister ep
special patrol group - filament fanfare - special patrol group completes one task

nigel guest dj:
the mountain goats - no children - tallahassee
st vincent - black rainbow - actor
crystal castles - alice practice - crystal castles
eels - bus stop boxer - eels
gogol bordello - dogs were barking - gypsy punks underdog world strike
sufjan stevens - in the devil's territory - seven swans

Thursday, April 08, 2010

letting up despite great faults : our younger noise

check out the new video from letting up despite great faults!
nice job kids :)

Letting Up Despite Great Faults: "Our Younger Noise" from Christopher j Ewing on Vimeo.

playlist : april 8

**total babe - shape up - heatwave ep
fielding - cigarette - the voice of us
**beach house - 10 mile stereo - teen dream
**surfer blood - anchorage - astro coast

**in tall buildings - twenty one - in tall buildings
**aloha - blackout - home acres
**pavement - gold soundz - quarantine the past: the best of pavement
**teenage moods - attic years - teenage moods ep
andy clockwise - love and war - are you well?

**disappears - marigold - lux
**the morning benders - promises - big echo
**the soft pack - flammable - the soft pack
**love is all - early warnings - tow thousand and ten injuries
graydon - until the end of time - graydon

boris smile - apollo - rockets ep
letting up despite great faults - our younger noise - letting up despite great faults
subarachroid space - flicker - either or

satisfact -
demonstration - satisfact
satisfact - how things work - satisfact
**editors - the boxer - in this light and on this evening
**veil veil vanish - secondhand daylight - change in the neon light

**manual - empty inside - drowned in light
**turquoise days - blurred - the minimal wave tapes vol one
**growing - camera '84 - pumps!
pop noir - in like a lion - pop noir ep
aerodrone - ready to love - ready to love ep
**yeasayer - love me girl - odd blood

Thursday, March 25, 2010

playlist : march 25 : dj dimitri (KUCR 88.3FM)

thanks to dimitri for the amazing post-punk dance party! catch him on KUCR 88.3FM in riverside every thursday from 7-9pm.

**editors - bricks and mortar - in this light and on this evening
brian eno - somber reptiles - another green world
psychotik tanks - let's have a party - presage(s)
passage - locust - pindrop
crawling chaos - left hand path - the gas chair
this heat - paper hats - deceit
pere ubu - dub housing - dub housing
p.i.l. - swan lake - second edition
the normal - warm leatherette - t.v.o.d.
tuxedomoon - what use? - half mute
pylon - cool - gyrate
young marble giants - n.i.t.a. - colossal youth
ludus - the escape artist - the visit
artery - turtle - into the garden
felt - something sends me to sleep - stains on a decade
durutti column - sketch for summer - return of the durutti column
dif juz - cs - soundpool
swell maps - big empty field - jane from occupied europe
pop group - she is beyond good and evil - y
james chance and the contortions - bedroom athlete - buy
liquid liquid - cavern - liquid liquid
esg - parking lot blues - come away with esg
mars - 3e - 78
teenage jesus and the jerks - the closet - closet ep
the birthday party - the friend catcher - the birthday party
scratch acid - owners lament - scratch acid
uzi - collections - sleep asylum
swans - love will tear us apart (joy division cover) - love will tear us apart ep

Thursday, March 18, 2010

playlist : march 18 : i hate you just kidding + the vacuum bell

acoustic set + guest djs

**strange boys - a walk on the bleach - be brave
**aloha - microviolence - home acres
**the bundles - shamrock glamrock - the bundles
**liars - drip - sisterworld
**teenage moods - little trap - teenage moods
**tre orsi - the engineer - casual victim pile: austin 2010
**pavement - grounded - quarantine the past: the best of pavement
m.ward - story of an artist - the late great daniel johnston: discovered covered
devandra banhart - shabop shalom - smokey rolls down thunder canyon
**ted leo and the pharmacists - even heroes have to die - the brutalist bricks
eels - railroad man - blinking lights and other revelations
colin meloy - we both go down together - colin meloy sings live!
nik freitas - all the time in the world - here's laughing at you
grizzly bear - while you wait for the others - veckatimest
monsters of folk - dear god - monsters of folk
grizzly bear - alligator - horn of plenty