Thursday, September 28, 2006

playlist : september 28

**cale parks - wet paint - illuminated manuscript
**tv on the radio - tonight - return to cookie mountain
**the changes - her, you and i - today is tonight
**the black neon - shoot me into space - arts and crafts
*four tet - no more mosquitoes (boom bip remix) - remixes
massive attack - name taken - 100th window (by request!)
**pilot scott tracy - there is a light that never goes out (smiths cover) - we cut loose!
**wire - blessed state - 154
**sparklehorse - shade and honey - dreamt for the light years in the belly of a mountain

sounds of the week:
**mojave 3 - to hold your tiny toes - puzzles like you
ed harcourt - all of your days will be blessed - from every sphere
the muffs - i wish that i could be you - alert today alive tomorrow

**ad astra per aspera - a fish would much rather swim - catapult calypso
**scissors for lefty - mama your boys will find a home - scissors for lefty
**goldenboy - underneath the radio - underneath the radio
**amy millan - he brings out the whiskey in me - honey from the tombs
the cramps - route 66 (get your kicks on) - flamejob (by request!)
**geisha girls - this is novelty - geisha girls
**cities - writing on the wall (isan's brutal folly mix)
**junior boys - court souvenirs - so this is goodbye
**cut copy - whomadewho - out the door (superdiscount mix) - fabriclive.29
**pinback - byzantine - nautical antiques
**lovely public - game of opposites - burning tape at the mystery dinner
**please step out of the vehicle - we will go everywhere (part 2) - sleeping right and the best in homeopathic magic

congrats to the yeah yeah yeahs ticket winner. more tickets to come in the near future (i hope)!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

playlist : september 21

**adem - these lights are meaningful - love and other planets
**pinback - concrete seconds (demo) - nautical antiques
**paper route - only words - paper route
**forget cassettes - lonely does it - salt
**hot snakes - plenty for all - live at abc 5/10/05
**ivy league - london bridges - london bridges ep
broken social scene - fire eye'd boy - broken social scene
the get up kids - the worst idea - on a wire
**benni hemm hemm - sweaty in the sunshine - benni hemm hemm
**junior boys - like a child - so this is goodbye
**electronicat - non - voodoo man
**tiga - you gonna want me - sexor
**mstrkrft - neon knights - the looks
venus infers - broken clocks - share

sounds of the week:
**ratatat - montanita - classics
**sonic youth - lights out - rather ripped
the gossip - standing in the way of control - standing in the way of control
**tv on the radio - hours - return to cookie mountain
magic bullets - heatstroke - magic bullets
deathray davies - chinese checkers and devo records - return of the drunk ventriliquist
mission of burma - fame and fortune - signals, calls and marches

mum - don't be afraid, you have just got your eyes closed - finally we are no one (by request!)
grant lee phillips - under the milky way (the church cover) - nineteeneightes (by request!)
sendaero - sendentary life - sendaero demo
shannon hurley - sunrise - sunrise
kissing cousins - deadline - ep2

Thursday, September 14, 2006

playlist: september 14

**goldenboy - motorbike - underneath the radio
**page france - junkyard - hello, dear wind
**tv on the radio - wolf like me - return to cookie mountain
**over the atlantic - i cannot believe - junica
**cursive - hymns for the heathen - happy hollow
**jay bennett - 5th grade - the magnificent defeat
**snowden - black eyes - anti-anti
**now it's overhead - dark light daybreak - dark light daybreak
**nouvelle vague - human fly (the cramps cover) - bande a part
**[the] caseworker - the kick - when i was a young king
**sybarite - cut out shape - cut out shape
**the brother kite - waiting for the time to be right - waiting for the time to be right
**persephone's bees - home - notes from the underground

**peaches - boys want to be her - impeach my bush
caribou - barnowl - the milk of human kindness (by request!)

sounds of the week:
metric - dead disco - old world underground, where are you now?
**ratatat - loud pipes - classics
slings - hello there - slings [ep]

**anavan - freeidea - anavan
**tortoise - madison area - a lazarus taxon

jon brion - so now then - magnolia soundtrack (dedicated to francesca!)
jon brion - knock yourself out - i heart huckabees soundtrack
jon brion - here we go - punch drunk love soundtrack
**yo la tengo - pass the hatchet, i think i'm goodkind - i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass

irving - i want to love you in my room - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
am radio - hush - radioactive (by request!)
the faint - how could i forget - wet from birth

thanks to mark (once again) for making me laugh!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

playlist : september 7

ivy - let's go to bed (cure cover) - guestroom
**pinback - messenger - nautical antiques
**cursive - big bang - happy hollow
**wire - a mutual friend - 154
**nouvelle vague - dancing with myself (billy idol cover) - bande a part
**tv on the radio - wash the day - return to cookie mountain
**hot snakes - hi lites - thunder down under
**forget cassettes - quiero, quieres - salt
venus infers - vanilla is (the absense of chocolate) - share (by request!)
**persephone's bees - even though i'm fooling around - notes from the underground
**persephone's bees - on the earth - notes from the underground
enon - genie's got her bag - lost marbles and exploded evidence
stereolab - french disco - jenny ondioline
baxendale - the future... - you will have your revenge
**paper route - tearing the house down - paper route
**electronicat - rock and shuffle all over you - voodoo man
**peaches (ft joan jett) - you love it - impeach my bush
**delia gonzalez / gavin russom - relevee (alternate version) - revelee remixes
**mstrkrft - bodywork - us against the world

the gossip - ain't that the truth - arkansas heat

**mon frere - you don't mind - blood, sweat and swords
koufax - why bother at all - hard times are in fashion
**geisha girls - traced lines - geisha girls
**sigur ros - refur - saeglopur
devandra banhart - inaniel - cripple cow (by request!)
**benni hemm hemm - beygia og beygia - benni hemm hemm
**the oohlahs - tv dinner - best stop pop
beat happening - knick knack - black candy