Thursday, September 14, 2006

playlist: september 14

**goldenboy - motorbike - underneath the radio
**page france - junkyard - hello, dear wind
**tv on the radio - wolf like me - return to cookie mountain
**over the atlantic - i cannot believe - junica
**cursive - hymns for the heathen - happy hollow
**jay bennett - 5th grade - the magnificent defeat
**snowden - black eyes - anti-anti
**now it's overhead - dark light daybreak - dark light daybreak
**nouvelle vague - human fly (the cramps cover) - bande a part
**[the] caseworker - the kick - when i was a young king
**sybarite - cut out shape - cut out shape
**the brother kite - waiting for the time to be right - waiting for the time to be right
**persephone's bees - home - notes from the underground

**peaches - boys want to be her - impeach my bush
caribou - barnowl - the milk of human kindness (by request!)

sounds of the week:
metric - dead disco - old world underground, where are you now?
**ratatat - loud pipes - classics
slings - hello there - slings [ep]

**anavan - freeidea - anavan
**tortoise - madison area - a lazarus taxon

jon brion - so now then - magnolia soundtrack (dedicated to francesca!)
jon brion - knock yourself out - i heart huckabees soundtrack
jon brion - here we go - punch drunk love soundtrack
**yo la tengo - pass the hatchet, i think i'm goodkind - i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass

irving - i want to love you in my room - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
am radio - hush - radioactive (by request!)
the faint - how could i forget - wet from birth

thanks to mark (once again) for making me laugh!