Thursday, May 26, 2011

playlist : may 26

silverlake jubilee mixtape:
jail weddings - i thought you were someone i knew
future ghost - boys in the attic
geotic - riding thermals
slang chickens - my floor

**thurston moore - circulation - demolished thoughts

kissing cousins - pale white - unfortunate end
mansions - blackest sky - dig up the dead
**times new viking - don't go to liverpool - dancer required
**legs - rounded edges - legs

the kettle drivers - two times daily - what a thrill
**carnivores - second impulse - chandelier
correatown - everything all at once - etch the line 10"

the rubbish zoo - gypsy hands - a great detective race ep
stepdad -
my leather my furs my nails - ordinaire ep
weekend - coma summer (speculator's subconscious mix) - end times
**we are enfant terrible - shanghai - explicit pictures
**givers - saw you first - in light

matt and kim - daylight - grand
**friendly fires - blue cassette - pala

oslo - superstar - high mountain sessions vol 1
iretsu - sexy, no? - sexy, no? (single)
the antlers - rolled together - burst apart
**let's wrestle - dear john - nursing home
**the butcherettes - bang! - sin sin sin

winter's fall - in your head - at all angles
**the head and the heart - down in the valley - the head and the heart
**blue sky black death - where do we go - noir
jenny o - well ok honey - home ep

Thursday, May 19, 2011

playlist : may 19 : the rubbish zoo

weekend - end times - end times (single)

silverlake jubilee mixtape: listen to it
the little ones - i don't want to dance
dante vs zombies - yes i'm stalking you
summer darling - my reminder
black flamingo - proud head
crystal antlers - summer solstice

the rubbish zoo " a great detective race" ep
-more ink than an octopus
-gypsy hands
-if you can, move me
-hidden harbor (single)

the rubbish zoo guest DJ:
**the antlers - putting the dog to sleep - burst apart
animal collective - for reverend green - strawberry jam
the helio sequence - hallelujah - keep your eyes ahead
lightspeed champion - marlene - life is sweet nice to meet you
the format - tie the rope - interventions and lullabies
deerhoof - super duper rescue heads - deerhoof vs evil
los campesinos - there are listed buildings - romance is boring
broken social scene - all to all - forgiveness rock record
daniel johnston - i had lost my mind - is and always was
band of horses - no one's gonna love you - cease to begin
dirty projectors - cannibal resource - bitte orca
surfer blood - take it easy - astro coast
yeasayer - ambling alp - odd blood

kissing cousins - you bring me down - unfortunate end
the kettle drivers - what a thril - what a thrill

Thursday, May 12, 2011

playlist : may 12 : KUCI fund drive

the get up kids - close to me (the cure)
ivy - let's go to bed (the cure)
dinosaur jr - just like heaven (the cure)
the sea and cake - sound and vision (david bowie)
langley schools music project - space oddity (david bowie)
the bad plus - life on mars (david bowie)
au revoir simone - oh! you pretty things (david bowie)
stars - this charming man (the smiths)
**dum dum girls - there is a light that never goes out (the smiths) - he gets me high EP
the dismemberment plan - crush (jennifer page)
levi weaver - idioteque (radiohead)
andrew kenny - line of best fit (death cab for cutie)
ted leo - i'm looking through you (beatles)
cat power - i believe in you (bob dylan)
tub ring - kool thing (sonic youth)
postmarks - 7-11 (the ramones)
nouvelle vague - ever fallen in love? (the buzzcocks)
nouvelle vague - master and servant (depeche mode)
i am the world trade center - call me (blondie)
dealership - anarchy in the uk (sex pistols)
my bloody valentine - map ref 41N 93W (wire)
robotanists - never tear us apart (inxs)

the kettle drivers - help wanted - what a thrill
the rubbish zoo - the hidden harbor - the rubbish zoo

Thursday, May 05, 2011

playlist : may 5 : kuci fund drive

boris smile - counting my thoughts - my love powered by 10,000 practice amps
**hooray for earth - true loves - true loves
the antlers - parentheses - burst apart
gospel claws - i can i will - i can i will (single)
elliott smith - tomorrow tomorrow - xo
menomena - boyscout'n - friend and foe
justin soileau - a simple song -
the kettle drivers - ronald raygun - what a thrill
**parts and labor - constant future - constant future
the rubbish zoo - fade -
**times new viking - california roll - dancer equired
**brave irene - hit the grass running - brave irene
the softies - me and the bees - holiday in rhode island
robotanists - the lack thereof - plans in progress
kissing cousins - you bring me down - unfortunate end
nite nite - bury me - how to touch the moon
**the kills - heart is a beating drum - blood pressure
active child - when your love is safe - curtis lane ep
**m83 vs big black delta - fall - tron: legacy reconfigured
man vs teeth - break easy - you'll get used to the size
**moving units - pink redemption - tension war ep
isotope - crunch cake - disco not disco (comp)
sonic youth - massage the history - the eternal
le mood - winning hand -
**cold cave - confetti - cherish the light years