Thursday, May 19, 2011

playlist : may 19 : the rubbish zoo

weekend - end times - end times (single)

silverlake jubilee mixtape: listen to it
the little ones - i don't want to dance
dante vs zombies - yes i'm stalking you
summer darling - my reminder
black flamingo - proud head
crystal antlers - summer solstice

the rubbish zoo " a great detective race" ep
-more ink than an octopus
-gypsy hands
-if you can, move me
-hidden harbor (single)

the rubbish zoo guest DJ:
**the antlers - putting the dog to sleep - burst apart
animal collective - for reverend green - strawberry jam
the helio sequence - hallelujah - keep your eyes ahead
lightspeed champion - marlene - life is sweet nice to meet you
the format - tie the rope - interventions and lullabies
deerhoof - super duper rescue heads - deerhoof vs evil
los campesinos - there are listed buildings - romance is boring
broken social scene - all to all - forgiveness rock record
daniel johnston - i had lost my mind - is and always was
band of horses - no one's gonna love you - cease to begin
dirty projectors - cannibal resource - bitte orca
surfer blood - take it easy - astro coast
yeasayer - ambling alp - odd blood

kissing cousins - you bring me down - unfortunate end
the kettle drivers - what a thril - what a thrill