Thursday, September 28, 2006

playlist : september 28

**cale parks - wet paint - illuminated manuscript
**tv on the radio - tonight - return to cookie mountain
**the changes - her, you and i - today is tonight
**the black neon - shoot me into space - arts and crafts
*four tet - no more mosquitoes (boom bip remix) - remixes
massive attack - name taken - 100th window (by request!)
**pilot scott tracy - there is a light that never goes out (smiths cover) - we cut loose!
**wire - blessed state - 154
**sparklehorse - shade and honey - dreamt for the light years in the belly of a mountain

sounds of the week:
**mojave 3 - to hold your tiny toes - puzzles like you
ed harcourt - all of your days will be blessed - from every sphere
the muffs - i wish that i could be you - alert today alive tomorrow

**ad astra per aspera - a fish would much rather swim - catapult calypso
**scissors for lefty - mama your boys will find a home - scissors for lefty
**goldenboy - underneath the radio - underneath the radio
**amy millan - he brings out the whiskey in me - honey from the tombs
the cramps - route 66 (get your kicks on) - flamejob (by request!)
**geisha girls - this is novelty - geisha girls
**cities - writing on the wall (isan's brutal folly mix)
**junior boys - court souvenirs - so this is goodbye
**cut copy - whomadewho - out the door (superdiscount mix) - fabriclive.29
**pinback - byzantine - nautical antiques
**lovely public - game of opposites - burning tape at the mystery dinner
**please step out of the vehicle - we will go everywhere (part 2) - sleeping right and the best in homeopathic magic

congrats to the yeah yeah yeahs ticket winner. more tickets to come in the near future (i hope)!