Thursday, May 06, 2010

playlist : may 6

**delta spirit - salt in the wound - history from below
the vacuum bell - the letter (the box tops cover) - recorded especially for the sound session, thank you so much will!
**avi buffalo - remember last time - avi buffalo

**local natives - wide eyes - gorilla manor
graydon - anytime at all - graydon
nigel wilson - part two - anybody else
fielding - it's not safe - the voice of us

heavy young heathens - she thinks she knows - make room for the youth ep
the moog - when i see you - razzmatazz orfeum
**the wave pictures - bumble bee - if you leave it alone

congrats to our minus the bear / the shout out louds ticket winners!!!
minus the bear - monkey!!! knife!!! fight!!! - highly refined pirates
the shout out louds - impossible - our ill wills

**ted leo and the pharmacists - woke up near chelsea - the brutalist bricks
**love is all - take your time - two thousand and ten injuries
**surfer blood - fast jabroni - astro coast
special patrol group - august and still unaware - ...completes one task
**drink up buttercup - even think - born and thrown on a hook

**walking sleep - let it go on - measures
**the fall - funnel of love - your future our clutter
mister loveless - strange and futureless - three words ep
**oppenheimer analysis - radiance - the minimal wave tapes vol.1
**hot chip - one life stand (drums of death remix) - one life stand remixes

the meeting places - same lies as yesterday - the meeting places