Thursday, November 01, 2007

playlist : november 1

**tullycraft - a cursed miss maybellene - every scene needs a center
**monster bobby - blah blah blah (give up) - gap
**club 8 - whatever you want - the boy who couldn't stop dreaming
**the most serene republic - present of future end - population
**shooting spires - hollow yell - shooting spires
**enon - paperweights - grass geysers... carbon clouds
glass candy and the shattered theatre - the last time (rolling stones cover) - love love love ep
**cut off your hands - sorry - shaky hands ep
**shout out louds - south america - our ill wills
**frightened rabbit - be less rude - sing the greys
**saturday looks good to me - edison girls - fill up the room
yo la tengo - today is the day - today is the day
**the brunettes - wall poster star - structure and cosmetics
sleater kinney - youth decay - all hands on the bad one
**polysics - catch on everywhere - polysics or die!!!
freezepop - duct tape my heart - fancy ultra fresh