Thursday, June 01, 2006

playlist : june 1

**crystal skulls - heavy sleeper - outgoing behavior
**languis - citi of lights - other desert cities
**gotye - the only way - like drawing blood
autoclave - i'll take you down - autoclave
mary timony - musik and charming melodee - the golden dove
helium - superball - superball+
**grandaddy - rear view mirror - just like the fambly cat
**tilly and the wall - sing songs along - bottoms of barrels
**the fiery furances - nevers - bitter tea
the 5678s - pinball party - can't help it
**radio 4 - this is not a test - enemies like this
**the walkmen - another one goes by - a hundred miles off
the mountain goats - this year - the sunset tree (request!)
joanna newsom - this side of the blue - the milk-eyed mender (request!)
bonfire madigan - 7 mile lane - saddle the bridge (request!)

sounds of the week:
**murder by death - brother - in bocca al lupo
**liars - let's not wrestle mt heart attack - drum's not dead
charlatans uk - a house is not a home - us and us only
**pretty girls make graves - parade - elan vital

**venice is sinking - pulaski heights - sorry about the flowers
**candy bars - landscape - on cutting ti-gers in half and understanding narravation
**rose melberg - irene - cast away the clouds
**the ditty bops - moon over the freeway - moon over the freeway
**love is all - turn the radio off - nine times that same song
**pony up! - only feelgood - make love to the judges with your eyes