Thursday, June 29, 2006

playlist : june 29

**mates of state - fraud in the 80s - bring it back
**smoosh - find a way - free to stay
**regina spektor - lady - begin to hope
**smoosh - i would go - free to stay
**camera obscura - if looks could kill - let's get out of this country
**dirty on purpose - light pollution - hallelujah sirens
**midlake - roscoe - the trials of van occupanther
**epsilons - fever to kill - epsilons
**james figurine - 55566688833 - mistake mistake mistake mistake
**four tet - pockets - dj kicks
**css - let's make love and listen to death from above
death from above 1979 - romantic rights - you're a woman, i'm a machine
**supercreep - soft summer breakdown - supercreep
my morning jacket - west end girls - chapter 2: learning: early recordings (request!)

sounds of the week:
**built to spill - just a habit - you in reverse
belle and sebastian - you're just a baby - tigermilk
now it's overhead - hold your spin - now it's overhead
**tilly and the wall - urgency - bottoms of barrels

sleater kinney - night light - the woods
sleater kinney - jenny - dig me out
jason faulkner - she's not the enemy - ipo vol 2
jon brion - didn't think it would turn out bad - i heart huckabees (request!)
**the ditty bops - get up n go - moon over the freeway
**irving - i want to love you in my room - death in the garden, blood in the flowers
**psapp - tricycle - the only think i ever wanted
**the hylozoists - if only your heart was a major sixth - la fin du monde
**the walkmen - don't get me down (come on over here) - a hundred miles off

thanks to mark for his the behind-the-scenes help tonight...