Thursday, July 06, 2006

playlist : july 6

pinback - fortress - summer in abaddon
**psapp - the words - the only thing i ever wanted
**dirty on purpose - your summer dress - hallelujah sirens
**spoon - all the negatives have been destroyed - telephono
**spoon - loss leaders - soft effects [ep]
**be your own pet - ouch - be your own pet
**sonic youth - jams run free - rather ripped
**love is all - spinning and scratching - nine times that same song
**radio 4 - as far as the eye can see - enemies like this
**wire - pink flag - pink flag
**epsilons - the train - epsilons
**css - off the hook - cansei de ser sexy
**irving - situation - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
**james figurine - all the way to china - mistake mistake mistake mistake
**small sins - small sins big within - small sins

sounds of the week...
**human television - i laughed - look at who you're talking to
matt costa - acting like a fool - matt costa [ep]
**tilly and the wall - bad education - bottoms of barrels
kissing tigers - thefishhookisfineprint - trebuchet [ep]

**lady and bird - walk real slow - lady and bird
**regina spektor - field below - begin to hope
curly wurly - spiderman - tv sucks
tiki tones - night of the tikis - suburban savage
5678s - guitar date - bomb the twist
**prototypes - who's gonna sing - prototypes
**second story man - catalyst - red glows brighter
**the walkmen - emma, get me a lemon -a hundred miles off
**the hylozoists - strait is the gate - la fin du monde
**midlake - it covers the hillsides - the trials of van occupanther
**camera obscura - razzle dazzle rose - let's get out of this country

thanks to db for the laughs and tiki tones album!