Thursday, June 22, 2006

playlist : june 22

**phoenix - one time too many - it's never been like that
**candy bars - lovesong lake - on cutting ti-gers in half and understanding narravation
lali puna - antena trash - tridecorder
**be your own PET - we will vacation, you can be my parasol - be your own PET
the thermals - how we know - fuckin a
erase errata - marathon (adult remix) - dancing machine: erase errata remix record
erase errata - other animals (matmos remix) - dancing machine: erase errata remix record (request!)
say hi to your mom - the forest scares the hell out of me - ferocious mopes
**grandaddy - where i'm anymore - just like the fambly cat
broadcast - michael a grammer - tender buttons (request!)
**irving - she's not shy - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
black box recorder - andrew ridgely - passionoia

sounds of the week:
cat power - he war -you are free
the minor canon - killing spiders - the minor canon [demo]
the like - what i say and what i mean - like it or not
built to spill - linus and lucy (live) - sabonis tracks

**sonic youth - lights out - rather ripped
**wire - three girl rhumba - pink flag
**epsilons - snap crackle pop - epsilons
**love is all - make out fall out make up - nine times that same song
**starlight mints - rhino stomp - drowaton
**awesome color - free man - awesome color
**small sins - threw it all away - small sins
**the futureheads - yes/no - news and tributes
**regina spektor - apres moi - begin to hope
**dirty on purpose - always looking - hallelujah sirens
**smoosh - this is not what we've become -free to stay