Thursday, April 23, 2009

playlist : april 23

**doves - 10:03 - kingdom of rust
**valina - dogged - a tempo! a tempo!
**the thermals - i let it go - now we can see
**the coathangers - toomerhead - scramble
**eagle and talon - georgia - thracian
**pj harvey and john parish - leaving california - a woman a man walked by
pretty and nice - tora tora tora - get young
pretty and nice - pixies - get young
**spokes - we like to dance and steal things - people like people like you
**condo fucks - so easy baby - fuckbook
**black lips - body combat - 200 million thousand
**chain and the gang - cemetery map - down with liberty... up with chains!
**jeremy jay - breaking the ice - slow dance
**the veils - three sisters - sun gangs

sounds of the week:
the faint - some incriminating photographs - media
mates of state - a control group - my solo project
the ringers - jaguar moves - headlocks and highkicks

**king khan and the shrines - land of the freak - what is?
**the rippers - into this place - why should i care about you?
the yelling - blood on the steps - the yelling ep
**big whup - can't take my beast from me - big whup
**the bicycles - i'll wait for you - oh no, it's love
**pomegranates - corriander - everybody, come outside!
**superchunk - misfits and mistakes - leaves in the gutter ep
goldcure - i wanna hear it (radio edit) - pretty polly horrowshow ep
**metric - gimme sympathy - fantasies
**the shys - spanish village by the sea - you'll never understand this band the way i do
**asobi seksu - blind little rain - hush
**boo and boo too - i'll be your whore - no tempo
**blank dogs - before the hours - the fields
the knife - we share our mother's health (radio edit) -
we share our mother's health single

congrats to the pretty and nice ticket winners!