Thursday, April 02, 2009

playlist : april 2 : peachcake

thanks to peachcake for an entertaining evening!
special thanks to rich at art of broadcast!

**animal collective - in the flowers - merriweather post pavillion
**the littlest viking - one malt, two straws - labor and lust
**condo fucks - with a girl like you - fuckbook (it's yo la tengo in disguise!)
yo la tengo - mr tough - i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass
**bishop allen - south china moon - grrr...
**pomegranates - beachcomber - evreybody, come outside!
**jeremy jay -in this lonely town - slow dance
the get up kids - high as the moon - on a wire
kraftwerk - autobahn - the mix
peachcake - stop acting like you know more about the internet cafe than me - what year will you have the world?
the make up - earth worm pt 2 - in mass mind
**chain and the gang - trash talk - down with liberty... up with chains!
venus infers -waterfalls - the truth about venus infers
japanese motors - single fins and safety pins - japanese motors
**strange boys - heard you wanna beat me up - and girls club
tigers can bite you - taking running away - steve ward hears voices
robotanists - slow motion - close down the woods
two guns - cave in - two guns
**handsome furs - evangeline - face control
fugazi - provisional - 13 songs
**volcano suns - dot on the map - all night lotus party
**doves - the outsiders - kingdom of rust
peachcake - welcome to the party to save the world - what year will you have the world?
peach cake - make movement not war - what year will you have the world?
northern labour party - embrace - northern labour party