Thursday, April 27, 2006

playlist : april 27 : sendaero

listed as... band - song - album
** new releases

metric - combat baby - old world underground, where are you now?
the flash express - baby i'm wrong - introducing the dynamite sounds of...
**built to spill - liar - you in reverse
**the fiery furnaces - waiting to know you - bitter tea
secret machines - now here is nowhere - now here is nowhere
**blanket music - red right ankle (decemberists cover) - the love/love translation
**jolie holland - springtime can kill you - springtime can kill you
**the like young - for money of love - last secrets
**aloha - weekend - some echoes
mojave 3 - prayer for the paranoid - excuses for travellers (picked by sendaero, for dustin from slings!)
**rose melberg - take some time - cast away the clouds
**lylas - home and hugs - lessons for lovers
**bedroom walls - do the buildings and cops make you smile? - all good dreamers pass this way

**sendaero live performance**

**the fever - redhead - in the city of sleep
**irving - lovely, just like her - death in the garden, blood on the flowers

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