Saturday, April 08, 2006

playlist : april 6

**new releases

mute math - plan b - reset [ep]
my bloody valentine - when you sleep - loveless
**mates of state - think long - bring it back
**irving - i'll write the song, you sing for me - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
black rebel motorcycle club - sympathetic noose - howl
**rainer maria - life of leisure - catastropher keeps us together
**antlerand - three (in a tree) - branches
**stereolab - interlock - fab four suture
**the duke spirit - cuts across the land - cuts across the land

beulah - i love john, she loves paul - handsome western states
**ann lynn - the scene - the sounds when we move
sendaero - modern jezebal - self released
**the world record - serious - the sound when we move

sounds of the week:
tristeza - memphis emphasis - spine and sensory
**sondre lerche and the faces down quartet - (you knocked me) off my feet - duper sessions
fruit bats - need it just a little - echolocation
**the boy least likely to - paper cuts - the best party ever
pretty girls make graves - speakers push the air - good health

bis - a portrait from space - return to central
ladytron - white light generator - witching hour
add n to x - robot new york - avant hard
**liars - be quiet mt heart attack - drums not dead
**aloha - your eyes - some echoes
**run chico run - smitten - slow action
**field music - if only the moon were up - field music
**broken social scene - puff the magic dragon - see you on the moon!
the evens - blessed not lucky - the evens