Thursday, October 26, 2006

playlist: october 26

**the divine comedy - to die a virgin - victory for th comic muse
**born ruffians - merry little fancy things - born ruffians
**the curtains - go lucky - calamity
**miho hatori - ecdysis - ecdysis
**owen - use your words - at home with owen
**cursive - dorothy at forty - happy hollow
the thermals - how we know - fuckin a
eastern youth - hands tucked away in my pockets
**scream club - life of a heartbreaker - life of a heartbreaker
**tiga - far from home - dfa remixes
the 88 - hide another mistake - over and over
**pas/cal - little red radio - dear sir
spoon - stay don't go - kill the moonlight

sounds of the week:
west indian girl - hollywood - west indian girl
regina spektor - ghost of corporate future - soviet kitsch
**mstrkrst - work on you - cut copy: fabriclive.29
ladytron - last one standing (shipps and tait mix) - extended play
**heavens - dead end girl - patent pending

**the horrors - sheena is a parasite - the horrors
vince guaraldi - great pumpkin waltz - oh, good grief
**damien jurado - denton, tx - and now that i'm in your shadow
**the blue van - don't leave me blue - dear independence
**tokyo police club - be good - a lesson in crime
lemon sun - the answers - lemon sun
**oxford collapse - for the khakis and the sweatshirts - remember the night parties
**the midniters - i found a peanut - thee midnite hour
**yo la tengo - the story of yo la tengo - i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass