Thursday, October 19, 2006

venus infers : october 19

fastbacks - trumpets are loud - answer the phone, dummy
q and not u - collect the diamonds - power
**damien jurardo - what were the chances - and now that i'm in your shadow
**norfolk and western - the longest stare - the unsung colony
**the blow - parentheses - paper television
**born ruffians - this sentence will ruin/save your life - born ruffians
**annuals - bleary eyed - be he me
**the awkward stage - heaven is for easy girls - heaven is for easy girls
brainiac - flash ram - electro shock for president
**yo la tengo - black flowers - i am not afraid of you and i will beat your ass
the faux - love lust lies - the faux
hint hint - natural collegiate - hint hint
**headlights - pity city - kill them with kindness
the capitol years - jewelry store - jewelry store
doves - some cities - some cities

venus infers live performance!!!
check them out on thursday, october 26 at detroit bar with madman moon and philistine (ex-loma lynda)

**broadcast - small song iv - the future crayon
pavement - cut your hair - crooked rain crooked rain
blonde redhead - en particular - melody of certain damaged lemons
deerhoof - wrong time capsule - the runners four
**the walkmen - man y rivers to cross - pussy cats
shannon hurley - where i stand - sunrise