Thursday, April 12, 2007

playlist : april 12

**junior boys - fm (marsen jules remix) - the dead horse ep
**sybarite - dot the lines - cut out shape
**air - night sight - pocket symphony
**bang gang - there was a whisper - something wrong
**do make say think - bound to be that way - you, you're a history in rust
**the blow - hey boy - poor aim: love songs
the metasciences - bang bang! - pencils down (by request!)
**fujiya and miyagi - conductor 71 - transparent things
**au revoir simone - fallen snow - the bird of music
**the icicles - crazy - arrivals and departures
**vagabond opera - the transformation into marlene - vagabond opera (by request for craig!)
**limbeck - let's get crazy - limbeck

sounds of the week:
a northern chorus - louder than love - spirit flags
aerogramme - will you still find me? - a story in white
**the minor canon - the art of the quickdraw - no good deed goes unpunished
**the twilight sad - mapped by what surrounded them - fourteen autumns and fifteen winters
**ted leo and the pharmacists - army bound - living with the living

**the henry clay people - didn't mean anything - blacklist the kid with the red moustache
**kite operations - the last flight out left with no warning - heart attack, back to back
**jarvis cocker - disney time - the jarvis cocker record
**the fall - over! over! - reformation/post t.l.c.
**adult. - i feel worse when i'm with you - why bother?
**pop levi - pick me up uppercut - the return to form black magick party
**blonde redhead - 23 - 23
enon - starcastic - starcastic single
cat power - cross bones style - moon pix
broadcast - black umbrellas - haha sound