Thursday, April 26, 2007

playlist : april 26

tortoise - the taut and tame - millions now living will never die
the sea and cake - soft and sleep - nassau
**the twilight sad - talking with fireworks/here, it never happened - fourteen autumns and fifteen winters
**small sails - corners - similar anniversaries
**all smiles - i know it's wrong - ten readings of a warning
antlerand (invisible) - rows of unbending lines - antlerand
**ted leo and the pharmacists - some beginner's mind - living with the living
**the fall - coach and horses - reformation / post t.l.c.
**the evens - cache is empty - get evens
the warmers - the lowdown - the warmers
**kite operations - comfort - heart attacks, back to back
manic - mr evans - floor boards ep
the by and by - i can see you - the by and by (demo)

the sounds of the week:
the jesus and mary chain - penetration - the jesus and mary chain hate rock n roll
the walkmen - don't get me down (come on over here) - a hundred miles off
**junior boys - like a child (carl craig remix) - dead horse ep
cornelius - tone twilight zone - point
timonium - inflatable sculptures - resist education
**blonde redhead - heroine - 23
sonic youth - unwind - washing machine
magic bullets - new kicks - a child but in life yet a doctor in love
**jarvis cocker - don't let him waste your time - the jarvis cocker record
the postmarks - the end of the story - the postmarks

**i'm from barcelona - treehouse - let me introduce my friends (by request!)
the thrills - santa cruz (you're not that far) - so much for the city
**dntel - roll on - dumb luck
**twink - sugar cone - ice cream truckin'
**twink - plastic spoon - ice cream truckin'