Saturday, June 16, 2007

playlist : june 14

**mice parade - sneaky red - mice parade
**the sea and cake - transparent - everybody
**electrelane - saturday - no shouts, no calls
**dntel - natural resources - dumb luck
**the snuggle ups - dancing in the dark - bridging the distance (comp)
**battles - race:out - mirrored
belle and sebastian - judy and the dream of horses (live) -
**the pipettes - guess who ran off with the milkman? - your kisses are wasted on me
menomena - triggahiccups - i am the fun blame monster! (by request!)
**antelope - collective dream - reflector
**the national - apartment story - boxer
**dappled cities - fire fire fire - granddance
**voxtrot - steven - voxtrot
**the lodger - many thanks for your honest opinion - grown ups

sounds of the week:
**architecture in helsinki - heart it races - heart it races (single)
venus infers - sake in osaka - but you knew that already ep
**lavender diamond - the rose garden - imagine our love
the rosebuds - when the lights went dim - night of the furies
the minor canon - a false start - no good deed goes unpunished
tortoise - firefly - standards
the horrors - she is the new thing - strange house

eject - under your skin - eject ep
**the loose salute - from head to sandy toes - tuned to love - yodeller - ep
**trembling blue stars - sacred music - the last holy writer
**the choir practice - i see things - the choir practice
**metric - the twist - grow up and blow away
wolfgang - not in love not true - wolfgang (single)

i'll be at the tortoise show next week.
ziba will be filling in so be sure to tune in!