Thursday, January 22, 2009

playlist : january 22 : mississippi man

the pale - common sense - another innovative idea for the people on the go
**belle and sebastian - the magic of a kind word - the bcc sessions
matt kollar and the angry mob - surf song - farewell adventure!
**chairlift - bruises - does you inspire you (request for the vegas girls!)
**ladyhawke - magic - ladyhawke
the terribles - plant this - mistake: do over
jamie lidell - what is it this time? - in-studio sessions (indie 103, r.i.p.!)
black rebel motorcycle club - heart and soul - take them on, on your own
shiloe - gone - and now the screaming starts
melanoid - under the covers - asleep in the wake
the spells - can't explain (the who cover) - the age of backwards ep
the fabulous stains - waste of time - ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous stains OST
the fabulous stains - join the professionals - ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous stains OST

mississippi man live set #1

rosewood thieves - flat tire - rise and shine
ted leo and the pharmacists - counting down the hours - shake the sheets

mississippi man live set #2

devandra banhart - seahorse - smokey rolls down thunder canyon

william elliott whitmore - the chariot - song of the blackbird
high places - the storm - high places