Thursday, December 03, 2009

playlist : december 3

daisy mccracken - different girl - the rodeo grounds
the hundred days - so what - the hundred days ep
winston and the telescreen - greens and blues - half of what we say is meaningless
elba - at your feet - don't be discouraged, little sparrow
radars to the sky - selfish kids -

let's go sailing - icicles (the deadly syndrome remix) - winter remixes
gang of four - it is not enough - songs of the free
magazine - a song from under the floorboards - the correct use of soap
the lines - airlift - flood bank
repeater - no single lover - iron flowers
satisfact - i'm in a bad way - the third meeting at the third counter

the jesus and mary chain - taste the floor - psychocandy
teddy's cheer club - follow the sun - teddy's cheer club

clap your hands say yeah - clap your hands - clap your hands say yeah (request!)
indian jewelry - titanium - sangles redux (request!)