Thursday, January 14, 2010

playlist : january 14

the oculist - chlorine in my eyes - principles
**the endless bummer - if it's fact, it's fair game - modern american calypsos for voice and computer
winston and the telescreen - says she's sorry - half of what we say is meaningless
elba - red - don't be discouraged little sparrow
**60 watt kid - take the pain out of your chest - we come from the bright side
let's go sailing - come home dangerously (remix by the age of rockets) - icicles remixes
**asobi seksu - suzanne (hope sandoval cover) - rewolf
**my majestic star - like cracked glass - i haven't got it in me
**editors - you don't know love - in this light and on this evening
reni lane - place for us (rac remix) - place for us [single]
**tan dollar - grow-op - your body as a temple
**cold cave - the trees grew emotions and died - love comes close
tristeza - the magic hour - mania phase
**rainbow arabia - harlem sunrise - kabukuanono
q and not u - wonderful people - power
radio 4 - start a fire - gotham