Thursday, January 28, 2010

playlist : january 28

**veil veil vanish - anthem for a doomed youth - anthem for a doomed youth
**editors - the big exit - in this light and on this evening
**mission of burma - possession - the sound the speed the light
**surfer blood - swim - astro coast
**the young - blister - casual victim pile: austin 2010
**jeff the brotherhood - u got the look - heavy days
**love collector - first 48 - casual victim pile: austin 2010
**the soft pack - down on loving - the soft pack
red pens - weekdays - reasons
**tan dollar - little bird - your body as a temple
**headlights - owl eyes (the buddy system remix) - remixes
**beach house - zebra - teen dream
**asobi seksu - walk on the moon - rewolf
**my majestic star - crampling - i haven't got it in me

Thursday, January 14, 2010

playlist : january 14

the oculist - chlorine in my eyes - principles
**the endless bummer - if it's fact, it's fair game - modern american calypsos for voice and computer
winston and the telescreen - says she's sorry - half of what we say is meaningless
elba - red - don't be discouraged little sparrow
**60 watt kid - take the pain out of your chest - we come from the bright side
let's go sailing - come home dangerously (remix by the age of rockets) - icicles remixes
**asobi seksu - suzanne (hope sandoval cover) - rewolf
**my majestic star - like cracked glass - i haven't got it in me
**editors - you don't know love - in this light and on this evening
reni lane - place for us (rac remix) - place for us [single]
**tan dollar - grow-op - your body as a temple
**cold cave - the trees grew emotions and died - love comes close
tristeza - the magic hour - mania phase
**rainbow arabia - harlem sunrise - kabukuanono
q and not u - wonderful people - power
radio 4 - start a fire - gotham

Thursday, January 07, 2010

playlist : january 7 : catching up with ihyjk

elba - follow you home - don't be discouraged, little sparrow.
another perfect crime - all's unfair in love and war - get out!
atlas sound - bite marks - let the blind lead those who can see but cannot feel
i hate you just kidding - home -
asobi sesku - i'm happy but you don't like me - asobi sesku
swirlies - pancake - blonder tongue audio baton
ride - like a daydream - ox4: the best of ride
kitchens of distinction - thought he had everything - cowboys and aliens
blonde redhead - 23 - 23 (for germy and messi!)
beach house - tokyo witch - beach house (for jordan!)
i hate you just kidding - as i wake / when's the funeral -
red pens - weekdays - reasons

i hate you just kidding is nominated for the ocma's people's choice award! vote for them here if you so desire.

and if you haven't seen ihyjk live, catch them at the ocma showcase on tuesday 1.26 at the gypsy den in santa ana!