Thursday, March 03, 2011

playlist : march 3 : phaxanation and the dust kickers

the well reds - rebel lovers - violet
dodos - black night - no color
wendy james - the moon dead in the river - i came here to blow minds
revolver - a song she wrote - music for a while
dirt dress - junk - dirt dress ep
one black orchid - nuthin - medz for life
caroline - snow - verdugo hills
robotantists - on/off the ledge - plans in progress
oy - trolls - heartbeats style: creaked records
northern labour party - just one more night - ready to burn
the rapture - house of jealous lovers - echoes
radio 4 - how the stars got crossed - new song and dance

phaxanation + the dust kickers live!!!!
-now and then (acoustic)
-she said (acoustic)
-around the bend (acoustic)
-ohhh its a zombie
-the days when we used to walk
-open your eyes
-now and then

phaxanation + the dust kickers guest dj:
innaway - threathawk - innaway
the black angels - yellow elevator #2 - phosphene dream
seth pettersen - ride it out - so fully
maps and atlases - witch - you and me and the mountain

and here are some videos from the show!!!!