Thursday, June 16, 2011

playlist : june 16 : kissing cousins

irving - white hot - i hope you're feeling better now
**brown recluse - monday moon - evening tapestry
**let's wrestle - i will not give in - nursing home
**poly styrene - i luv ur sneakers - generation indigo
**love inks - rock on (david essex cover) - e.s.p.
oslo - fever (sam fog mix) -
high mountain sessions vol 1
**battles ft kazu makino- sweetie and shag - gloss drop
**pictora - countdown - countdown ep

kissing cousins unfortunate end ep:
-you bring me down
-throw her body in the river
-granny, get your gun
-pale white

matt pond pa - love to get used - spring fools ep
capital cities - i sold my bed, but not my stereo - capital cities
**the coathangers - go away - larceny and old lace

kissing cousins guest DJ:
small black -
lake - madagascar - let's build a roof
halo benders - foggy bottom - the rebels not in
handsome furs - what we had - plague park
belle and sebastian - get me away from here, i'm dying - if you're feeling sinister
scritti politti - confidence - pre-langue ep
gauntlet hair
- i was thinking - i was thinking 7"
jeff buckley - eternal life - grace
the raincoats - adventures close to home - the raincoats
tame impala - i don't really mind - innerspeaker
summer darling - thirsty desert (carmen) - health of others ep
the walkmen - the rat - bows and arrows
ts and the past haunts - good times - caveman rock
kissing cousins - let you down - ep2