Thursday, November 10, 2011

playlist : november 10

modern memory - any direction - fraction of the first
low roar - tonight tonight tonight - low roar
kissing cousins - pale white - unfortunate end ep
warpaint - billie holiday - exquisite corpse ep
robotanists - wait a minute here - close down the woods
arrange - turnpike - plantation
letting up despite great faults - our younger noise - letting up despite great faults

tennis system - hey, we tried - teenagers
mr elevator and the brain hotel - nico - mr elevator and the brain hotel
dirt dress - dreams - dirt dress ep
son of heatwave - blood orange - beware of red eyed elk
niki and the dove - the drummer - the drummer (single)

love grenades - tigers in the fire - love grenades ep
man vs teeth - half step - you'll get used to the size
**dntel - (this is) the dream of evan and chan (barbara morgenstern remix) - life is full of possibilities
beach fossils - face it - what a pleasure (by request!)
avi buffalo - where's your dirty mind - avi buffalo (by request!)
total slacker - magical date night - weekends/total slacker split tape (by request!)
western states motel - mid century modern chair - freeway, freeway, riverbed
rob crow - tranked - he thinks he's people
southerly - the end of adolescence - youth
strange markings - dark horse - lightly asleep ep
the kettle drivers - wonderful personality - what a thrill
**the war on drugs - it's your destiny - slave ambient (by request!)
the long tangles - drawing conclusions - finer things
dylan trees - topanga - beat la (comp)