Thursday, January 19, 2012

playlist : january 19 : heywood

derde verde - unnoticed - moon/mirror
waters - for the one - out in the light
**porcelain raft - unless you speak from your heart - strange weekend
TS and the past haunts - circumstance - gone and goner
NO - there's a glow - don't worry, you'll be here forever
kissing cousins - throw her body in river - unfortunate end
heywood - spectacular violence - skills for the long emergency
silian rail - death should know better - parhelion
vicious scully - up jumps the devil - es para los ninos
david bazan - the man in me (bob dylan cover)
heywood - cain, come back to me - skills for the long emergency
henry clay people - 25 for the rest of our lives special thanks to HCP for letting us play this unreleased track!!!
masxs - lupe (i don't think you're real at all)

heywood -spectacular violence (live on the sound session)
heywood -gillian welch cover (live on the sound session)

night horse - lie beg borrow and steal (plimsouls cover) - beat LA comp
rewards and alia shawkat - wicked games (chris isaak cover)
rainbow jackson - new bruise - new bruise
pyramids - don't go - human beings
heywood - the weight - skills for the long emergency
by sunlight - sung surrender - 7" split with silian rail
girls - alex - father, son, holy ghost
russian circles - 309 - empros

these kids are busy!

heywood -

TS and the past haunts -

summer darling -

vicious scully -