Thursday, May 11, 2006

playlist : may 11

listed as : band - song - album
**new music

**rainer maria - i'll make you mine - catastrophe keeps up together
**mates of state - punchlines - bring it back
**the fiery furnaces - in my little thatched hut - bitter tea
**anberlin - enjoy the silence (depeche mode cover) - punk goes 90s
the gloria record -
**the black heart procession - not just words - the spell
**elizabeth harper - accidental flirt - elizabeth harper
**rose melberg - spin - cast away the clouds
**art brut - modern art - bang bang rock and roll
**the like young - almost said yes - last secrets
kraftwerk - autobahn - the mix (request)
ginger sling - now that you're here - surround sound vol 3
the numb ones. - space and time - surround sound vol 3
the pop kids - it is alright - surround sound vol 3

sounds of the week:
the fall - glam racket - the infotainment scan
**the fever - the secret - in the city of sleep
**nine black alps - headlights - everything is
**elf power - all the world is waiting - back to the web

**aloha - ice storming - some echoes
**irving - the gentle preservation of children's minds - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
jason faulkner - she's not the enemy - necessity: the 4 track years
**stereolab - excursions into "oh, a-oh" - fab four suture
**lovely feathers - lion eats the wildebeest - hind hind legs
the russian futurists - paul simon - our thickness
**pretty girls make graves - pearls on a plate - elan vital
**crystal skulls - just like you want - outgoing behavior
**the duke spirit - so good to hear - cuts across the land

thanks to those of you that called in tonight, especially chris at detroit bar.