Thursday, May 18, 2006

playlist : may 18

listed as : band - song - album
**new music

**crystal skulls - sedate and satisfied - outgoing behavior
**grandaddy -'s gone - just like the fambly cat
**the like young - spell it out - last secrets
**the duke spirit - lovetones - cuts across the land
air - cemetary party - the virgin suicides (apologizes for the skipping cd...)
**the rakes - just a man with a job - selections from monsieur gainsbourg revisited
**gonzales, feist and dani - boomerang 2005 - selections from monsieur gainsbourg revisited
**mates of state - what it means - bring it back
**lucero - wish me luck - the attic tapes
the shop assistants - i don't want to be friends with you - will anything happen
**rose melberg - each new day - cast away the clouds
**rainer maria - already lost - catastrophe keeps us together
and you will know us by the trail of dead - all saints day - the secret of elena's tomb
deerhoof - apple bomb - apple o'
**radio 4 - enemies like this - enemies like this
dressy bessy - she likes it - electrified

sounds of the week:
architecture in helsinki - wishbone - in case we die
**irving - if you say jump, i will say no - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
glass candy and the shattered theatre - crystal migraine - love love love
moving units - available - dangerous dreams
the rolling blackouts - black cake - black is beautiful

**mission of burma - let yourself go - the obliterati
magic bullets - long old claws - demo
magic bullets - our love was done - demo
**the walkmen - good for you's good for me - a hundred miles off
**the black heart procession - to bring you back - the spell
**built to spill - goin' against your mind - you in reverse
**the fiery furnaces - black hearted boy - bitter tea
**sugarplum fairies - first love, last rites - country international records
**pretty girls make graves - the number - elan vital
**elf power - king of earth - back to the web