Thursday, August 17, 2006

playlist : august 17

**headlights - put us back together right - kill them with kindness
**my brightest diamond - freak out - bring me the workhouse
**matt friedberger - bet you don't - winter woman
**winter flowers - winter bird - winter flowers
**sonic youth - do you believe in rapture? - rather ripped
**cursive - so-so gigolo - happy hollow
**the thermals - i hold the sound - the body the blood the machine
**the minders - saturday morning - it's a bright guilty world
**paper airplanes - suburban sprawls - boyhood
paper airplanes - live at kuci, july 2005
**[the] caseworker - a rough parade - when i was a young king
**nouvelle vague - the killing moon (echo and the bunnyman cover) - bande a part
**nouvelle vague - ever fallen in love? (buzzcocks cover) - bande a part
**ratatat - tropicana - classics
**james figurine - ruining the sundays - mistakesx4

sounds of the week : august 18 - august 24...
the clientele - north school drive - lost weekend [ep]
the minor canon - the present time - the minor canon demo
the winston giles orchestra - welcome to the hotel

**hot chip - colours - the warning

intern tara took over at this point with fun pop music:
the stratford 4 - she married the birds - love and distortion
**pretty girls make graves - parade - elan vital
poundsign - slc - underneath the marquee
yo la tengo - little eyes - summer sun
the rondelles - tuesday rock city - fox
sub debs - don't mess with us - she's so control
stereo total - vive le weekend - do the bambi
the lucksmiths - t shirt weather - where were we?
the busy signals - the freeway (ft. robert schneider of apples in stereo!) - pretend hits
**dirty on purpose - no radio - hallelujah sirens

don't forget -- tune in to zm radio on saturday from 4-6pm. i'll be subbing for ziba!