Saturday, August 19, 2006

zm radio : 8.19.06

**anavan - eel air camera - anavan
**tapes n tapes - crazy eights - the loon
pretty girls make graves - pictures of a night scene - elan vital
**cursive - bad science - happy hollow
**[the] caseworker - state - when i was a young king
**ratatat - gettysburg - classics
**hot chip - and i was a boy from school - the warning
**sufjan stevens - dear mr supercomputer - the avalanche
**french kicks - no mean time - two thousand
tussle - windmill (soft pink truth disco hijack) - don't stop [ep]
the faint - paranoiattack (dave p and adam sparkles mix) -
**radio 4 - enemies like this (idc remix) - enemies like this remixes
**nouvelle vague - heart of glass (blondie cover) - bande a part
dealership - anarchy in the uk (sex pistols cover) - action/adventure
these bones - toxic (brittney spears cover) - the sounds of young new york and canada
broadcast - arc of a journey - tender buttons

intern john's picks:
yo la tengo - moby octopad - i can hear the heart beating as one
the incredible moses leroy - zap - growing up clean in america
metric - handshakes - live it out
mates of state - middle is gold - team boo
american analog set - hard to find - promise of love
**the thermals - returning to the fold - the body, the blood, the machine
four tet - as serious as your life - rounds

glass candy and the shattered theatre - bitter woman - love love love [ep]
the rolling blackouts - hung up on the hang ups - black is beautiful
manda and the marbles - fast cars - more seduction
**love is all - talk talk talk talk - nine times that same song
the rapture - house of jealous lovers - echoes