Saturday, November 25, 2006

dialed in vs. the sound session

keith subbed this week, and here is the playlist. he played my favorite tullycraft song! check out his show, dialed in, on sunday afternoons from 2pm-4pm.

listed as band : song

the calculators : inside
8-bit weapon : arcade (remastered)
the aquarium : white house
lync : angelfood fodder and vitamins
jay retard : blood visionsl
es savy fav : raging in the plague age
wipers : messenger
data panik : minimum wage
wire : dot dash
delorean : as time goes by
printed circuit : semi-finals
betamax format : the knife
xiu xiu : hello from eau claire
little teeth : sideways
fun boy 3 : our lips are sealed
the dulocks : gonna follow your star trail
tullycraft : pop songs your new boyfriend is too stupid to know about
the awsesomes : teamwork hi-5 awesome
chromatics : program (2006 demo)
crystal castles : air war
air miami : world cup fever
the blow : brushy brushy
the carrots : secret since '99
april march : cet air la
final fantasy : if i were a carp
au revoir simone : golden
soccer team : lobster season
the redcoats are coming! : crown heights
tree wave : sleep