Thursday, November 16, 2006

playlist : november 16

**casper and the cookies - neo dada heyday - the optimist's club
**joanna newsom - sawdust and diamond - ys
**the evens - get even - get evens
**the scenic vermont - elementary - suicide squeeze: slaying since 1996
**the aislers set - what fades first (demo) - suicide squeeze: slaying since 1996
**the hot springs - pink money - dans la marge
**el perro del mar - god knows (you gotta give to get) - el perro del mar (by request!)
**the horrors - death at the chapel - the horrors
**cars and trains - broken streetlamp serenade - 2am
**mirah - the light (hooliganship "the lyte ship" remix) - joyride: remixes
**heavens - leave - patent pending
**partyline - no romatic - zombie terrorist
**the fucking ocean - literary test - le main rouge
**child bite - from the eighteen hundreds - wild feast
**cake on cake - francoise - i guess i was dreaming

sounds of the week:
**midnight movies - patient eye (edit) - patient eye ep
**hot chip - boy from school (hot chip rework) - remixes and rarities
mates of state - goods (all in your head) - all day ep
**and you will know us by the trail of dead - naked sun - so divided
cat power - the greatest - the greatest

stephanie's picks:
say hi to your mom - pop music of the future - numbers and mumbles
**amy millian - pour me up another - honey from the tombs
**azure ray - if you fall - shortbus soundtrack
secret machines - lightning blue eyes - ten silver drops
metric - the police and the private - live it out
**softlightes - heart made of sound - heart made of sound ep
**bon savants - why this could never work between us - post rock defends the nation

keith will be taking over next week, so expect some great indie rock. and tune in on november 30 for the sound session's 5th anniversary show... more details to come!