Thursday, May 25, 2006

playlist : may 25

**the walkmen - louisiana - a hundred miles off
**rainer maria - clear and true - catastrophe keeps us together
**tilly and the wall - lost girls - bottoms of barrels
**phoenix - long distance call - it's never been like that
**gotye - a distinctive sound - like drawing blood
**art brut - bad weekend - bang bang rock & roll
**starlight mints - inside of me - drowaton
**camera obscura - i need all the friends i can get - let's get out of this country
**the fiery furnaces - benton harbor blues - bitter tea
the halo benders - lonesome sundown - the rebels not in (request!)
**love is all - talk talk talk talk - nine times that same song
**be your own pet - fire department - summer sensation
**radio 4 - enemies like this - enemies like this
**alif tree - belle - french cuisine (request!)

sounds of the week:
pinback - june - some voices [ep]
young people - dishwashing song - young people
west indian girl - northern sky - west indian girl
**bedroom walls - six weeks in the imperial gardens - all good dreamers pass this way

**venice is sinking - undecided - sorry about the flowers
**grandaddy - elevate myself - just like the fambly cat
**mojave 3 - breaking the ice - puzzles like you
**pony up! - the truth about cats and dogs (is that they die) - make love to the judges with your eyes
**rahim - klangklangklang - ideal lives
**pretty girls make graves - wildcat - elan vital
**rose melberg - cold sea - cast away the clouds
**asobi seksu - thursday - citrus

Thursday, May 18, 2006

playlist : may 18

listed as : band - song - album
**new music

**crystal skulls - sedate and satisfied - outgoing behavior
**grandaddy -'s gone - just like the fambly cat
**the like young - spell it out - last secrets
**the duke spirit - lovetones - cuts across the land
air - cemetary party - the virgin suicides (apologizes for the skipping cd...)
**the rakes - just a man with a job - selections from monsieur gainsbourg revisited
**gonzales, feist and dani - boomerang 2005 - selections from monsieur gainsbourg revisited
**mates of state - what it means - bring it back
**lucero - wish me luck - the attic tapes
the shop assistants - i don't want to be friends with you - will anything happen
**rose melberg - each new day - cast away the clouds
**rainer maria - already lost - catastrophe keeps us together
and you will know us by the trail of dead - all saints day - the secret of elena's tomb
deerhoof - apple bomb - apple o'
**radio 4 - enemies like this - enemies like this
dressy bessy - she likes it - electrified

sounds of the week:
architecture in helsinki - wishbone - in case we die
**irving - if you say jump, i will say no - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
glass candy and the shattered theatre - crystal migraine - love love love
moving units - available - dangerous dreams
the rolling blackouts - black cake - black is beautiful

**mission of burma - let yourself go - the obliterati
magic bullets - long old claws - demo
magic bullets - our love was done - demo
**the walkmen - good for you's good for me - a hundred miles off
**the black heart procession - to bring you back - the spell
**built to spill - goin' against your mind - you in reverse
**the fiery furnaces - black hearted boy - bitter tea
**sugarplum fairies - first love, last rites - country international records
**pretty girls make graves - the number - elan vital
**elf power - king of earth - back to the web

Thursday, May 11, 2006

playlist : may 11

listed as : band - song - album
**new music

**rainer maria - i'll make you mine - catastrophe keeps up together
**mates of state - punchlines - bring it back
**the fiery furnaces - in my little thatched hut - bitter tea
**anberlin - enjoy the silence (depeche mode cover) - punk goes 90s
the gloria record -
**the black heart procession - not just words - the spell
**elizabeth harper - accidental flirt - elizabeth harper
**rose melberg - spin - cast away the clouds
**art brut - modern art - bang bang rock and roll
**the like young - almost said yes - last secrets
kraftwerk - autobahn - the mix (request)
ginger sling - now that you're here - surround sound vol 3
the numb ones. - space and time - surround sound vol 3
the pop kids - it is alright - surround sound vol 3

sounds of the week:
the fall - glam racket - the infotainment scan
**the fever - the secret - in the city of sleep
**nine black alps - headlights - everything is
**elf power - all the world is waiting - back to the web

**aloha - ice storming - some echoes
**irving - the gentle preservation of children's minds - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
jason faulkner - she's not the enemy - necessity: the 4 track years
**stereolab - excursions into "oh, a-oh" - fab four suture
**lovely feathers - lion eats the wildebeest - hind hind legs
the russian futurists - paul simon - our thickness
**pretty girls make graves - pearls on a plate - elan vital
**crystal skulls - just like you want - outgoing behavior
**the duke spirit - so good to hear - cuts across the land

thanks to those of you that called in tonight, especially chris at detroit bar.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

donate today!

kuci fund drive 2006

blocks of indie rock all night!
listed as : band - song - album

belle and sebastian -the state i am in - tigermilk
belle and sebastian - your cover's blown - books [ep]
mates of state - goods (all in your head) - all day [ep]
mates of state - proofs - my solo project
black rebel motorcycle club - in like the rose - take them on, on your own
black rebel motorcycle club - howl - howl
q and not u - wonderful people - power
q and not u - recreation myth - different damage
broadcast - michael - tender buttons
broadcast - lunch hour pops - haha sound
sendaero - two of us - self-released
sendaero - untitled ode to johnny cash - self-released
sleater-kinney - words and guitar - dig me out
sleater-kinney - jumpers - the woods
enon - come into - believo!
enon - starcastic - starcastic [single]
clinic - wdyyb - winchester cathedral
clinic - the second line - the second line [single]
barcelona - robot trouble - robot trouble [single]
barcelona - studio hair gel - zero one infinity
**irving - hard to breathe - death in the garden, blood on the flowers
irving - white hot - i hope you're feeling better now [ep]
**stereolab - visionary road maps - fab four suture
stereolab - baby lulu - sound dust
stars - this charming man - lot of little lies for the sake of one big truth
stars - your ex lover is dead - set yourself on fire
april march - there is always madness - triggers
april march - que le soleil soit maudit - triggers

special thanks to ken for his generous donation to kuci!