Thursday, February 18, 2010

playlist : february 18 : mahalia subbing

thanks to mahalia for subbing while i was on the air at KUCR! check out her PA show, interviews with anteaters.

**lightspeed champion - dead head blues - life is sweet! nice to meet you!
**you say party! we say die! - there's love within my heart - xxxx
**beach house - silver soul - teen dream
**final fantasy - keep the dog quiet - heartland
sleater kinney - don't talk like - the hot rock
heavens - watching you - patent pending
broken social scene - backyards - beehives
asobi seksu - strawberries - citrus
editors - open your arms - the back room
the walkmen - we've been had - everyone who pretended to like me is gone
pinback - prog - blue screen life
buzzcocks - nothing left - operators manual