Thursday, February 25, 2010

playlist : february 25 : letting up despite great faults

matt kollar and the angry mob - to the night! - she changes face
bethpage black - panic attack - opera-comique
tigers can bite you - checkmate - steve ward hears voices
andy clockwise - hyperballad (bjork cover) - are you well ep
robotanists - getting by - close down the woods
engineers - new horizons - engineers

letting up despite great faults album preview:
in steps
folding under stories told
the colors aren't you or me
our younger noise
so fast: you
photographs shakes
sun drips

letting up despite great faults guest DJ:
teddy's cheer club - follow the sun - teddy's cheer club
st - debut - people i barely know
memory tapes - bicycle - seek magic
the middle east - blood - the recordings of the middle east
algernon cadwallader - some kind of cadwallader - some kind of cadwallader
the meeting places - where you go - the meeting places
the littlest viking - joe the actor - labor
color filter - new words - sleep in a synchrotron
gamble house - second to none - gamble house
black tambourine - black car - complete recordings
figurine - IMpossible - the heartfelt

if you're going to SXSW, try to check out one of their shows!!!

me (2nd from left) and the letting up kids... good times!